Monday, December 14, 2009

The Rules of Zeppelining

I recently questioned one of the captain's decisions, and, after boxing my ears, the Captain explained to me the two rules of Zeppelining:

1) No one flies over Turkey, except the Turks.

2) Never question the captain.

Johnny Dangerfist "Boy-Adventurer

Monday, November 30, 2009



By now you have probably received word that Lefty and I have quit our jobs at the textile factory and signed on to explore the world with Captain Drake Daedalus aboard his Atomic Powered lighter than air Flying Machine.

The Captain took an instant liking to Lefty and I, though to me more than Lefty, as would be expected, and after only a short time aboard his Flying Machine he told us that we were "like the 'sons who didn't die' that he never had." And, dead honest, he asked us to join his crew and race around the world! An' Lefty and I figured it'd be real smart to get away from the factory, what after the accident an' all.

There's all types of neat people on the Flying Machine. Like this one guy, Coyne Tarkington, The Captain says he's real smart. There are all types of pilots, and scientists, and this real big guy Flex Brawnman.

I bet that you get this letter real soon, the Captain told me that Swiss Sky Pirates take an oath to faithfully deliver mail. Such clean people the Swiss!

Johnny "Dangerous Fists" Dangerfist, Boy Adventurer