Friday, March 26, 2010

Series intro

First things first
3 things from episode 5 need to be redone

1) Battle yelling
2) Arabic whispering
3) Next time

Newsman into voice

The year was 1923,
The charleston was in full swing and radio was all the craze!
Americans would turn in every night to catch up on radio serials! music! and all the latest news!
It was a simpler time, an exciting time, with all eyes toward the future!
With science on the brink of new discovery, and countries on the brink of new wars.
Since the Serbians had given in to the Austrian ultimatum in 1914, diffusing a potential world war,
the world powers remained on icy diplomatic terms, ready to heat up at a moments notice.
The foremost of this new technology, Atomic Zeppelins, dominated the skies. Travel, leisure, and commerce were all expanded in this world of new lighter than air travel.
Zeppelins, majestic yet practical, seemed to be the solutions to all the ills of ages past, and yet, intrigue was afoot!
Zeppelin racing! A popular and dangerous pastime were often flash-points of political intrigue.
Indeed, The world was never more than one zeppelin meltdown away from a brutal modern war.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Episode 1

In the annals zeppelin racing, there are few incidents as famous as the Atomic Age Zeppelin Race between the Pegasusand Wotansraven. Coincidentally, there are few boy adventurers as famous as Johnny Dangerfist, or as pathetic as his brother Lefty. The race, which spanned most of globe and the greater part of a fortnight, has been hailed as a triumph of our time and as one of the worst potential disasters of the modern era. There is little doubt that the careers of the great Captain Drake Daedalus or his nemesis, Baron Siegfried von Schmeck, would have been extremely different, and most probably much more boring, had they not undertaken this competition. Johnny and Lefty Dangerfist, next to Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn, Calvin and Hobbes, and Vladimir and Estragon seem to the casual eye to be unsuspecting heroes. It is sometimes impressive how observant the casual eye can be…

Johnny: Don't touch that Lefty, you might get killed!
Lefty: Well golly gee Johny, I was just try to help.
Johnny: Well don't, you know your left handed, don't you remember what happened at the textile factory!
Lefty: Gee johnny I wish I was almost twelve.
Johnny: Well your not, your only nine.

Jeffries: The mooring line is secure Captain Daedelus! Ready to debark to the Ed-derigible!
Captain Drake Daedelus: Thank you Jeffries. Johnny, we're going to be docked at the Ed-dirigible for the next three hours. You and Lefty go aboard and get some food, try not to get into too much trouble. And I don't want you bringing back any more of that damn bubble gum onto my zeppelin, we see more than enough Pterodactyls as it is.
Johnny: Aye Aye Captain! Lets go Lefty.
(steps, door opens)

Narator:Johnny headed down the gangplank in search of swashbuckling adventure. Lefty followed, on the lookout for soda and bubble gum.
As the brothers stomped down the bridge toward the flight deck they noticed the fins of a black Zeppelin with silver trim protruding omionously from behind the Ed-derigible.

Look Johnny! A slingshot!
Right there, in the store window.
Oh golly gee Lefty, I've always wanted a sling slot.
Me too! Maybe they'll have one for left handed people.
(Hearty chuckle) Yes and perhaps one day there will be schools for left handed people as well. Lets go look at the slingshot.
(door opens)
Oh wow! a real Kevin Carnagie Slingshot, i saw one of these in the Sears Catalogue! I'm going to buy it! (cash register sound)
L: Can I have some money to buy this bubble gum?
J: No Lefty. Lets got get some soda pop.

Music getting louder, Door opens
Bartender: What can I do for you boys?
Johhny: We'll have two cream sodas please!
Bartender: Coming right up boys, take a seat.
Waitress (New Yorker): Hello there gentleman, you two order a coupla root beers
JD: This isn't my soda!

Klaus: Zat is because it is mine!

JD: Who the hell are you?

Klaus: Some call me Klaus, The Boy Nemesis

Dieter: Everyone calls you Klaus

K: Shut up Dieter! And you, boy, give me my soda.

JD: Not if Kevin Carnagie has anything to say about it (Rubber Band sound)

K: Give me the soda boy. I have killed for less (Revolver Sound)

JD: Like what?

K: Marbles, chewing gum, this raven (CaCaw sound), I killed its parents.

BVS: Klaus! What have I told you about pulling your revolver in soda fountains!

K: Ze boy pulled his slingshot!

JD: Not just any slingshot! A real Kevin Carnagie!

BVS: (said slowly, very intentionally) What is your name, boy?

JD: Johnny Dangerfist, Boy Adventurer!

BVS: This boy has found disfavor vis me, shoot him Klaus

Daedelus: Ah, I see you’ve met Baron Zigfried von Schmeck

Baron: I vant zat boy’z head Daedelus.

D: Well You cant have it. I have a better plan – A race, Baron. You have wanted one for years now. Here’s your chance. Once and for all, the best zeppelin in the skies.

B: Hah! Ze great Drake Daedelus finally vants a race? Dumbkopf! (mumbling in Germanish)

Klaus: Perhaps Dadedlus vould be vize to learn from ze mistakes of his father. (Hearty chuckle from his crew)...or prehaps from ze mistakes of his son...his dead son, ya.

(gasp followed by silence)

D: The race will be from San Francisco to New York

B: Pazetic, we could be zere by noon.

D: Longways.

(crowd gasps)

B: Verdammt, you really vant zis race don’t you Daedelus? Fine, around ze vorld. Winner get’s ze other’s zeppelin no?

D: Agreed.

B: And ven does it start?

Door Slams

Sir Arnold Bettington: When I say so gentlemen.

Baron: Who iz zis bastard?

D: This "bastard" is Sir Arnold Beddington

Bettington: Thats Bettington Daedelus.

D: Whatever, which means that our race is now registered with "The Firm."

Btton: Hello Daedelus. I was informed there is a race to take place? You know the Firm handles all such matters. A race without bets is hardly a race. It’s a thing of honor old boy, something your father probably didn't teach you about, before he died, tragically.

B: Ah yes, ze infamous french alps explosion.

D: Shut it shmeck. Fine, you can have little game Sir Beddington, But the destinations stay the same.

Btton: And so the hand it dealt.

B: And ven do ve begin? My crew is eager to see New York (chuckles maliciously)

Btton: Tomorrow. 5pm. Treasure Island Zeppelin Port.

Both captains: Agreed.

D: Cmon Johnny, grab that brother of yours and lets get back to Pegasus.
Johnny: We’re havin’ a race? Oh boy! Are we going to win?
D: Only if you stop causing trouble.

B: Vat are you looking at?

B: I was just wondering, Barron, care for a game of whist?

(Door opens, misc steps…another door, sounds of zeppelin)
D: Jeffries! Prepare for cast off! Set course for San Francisco!


Narrator: The news of the race spread quickly. Bettington wired "the Firm" and soon its members worldwide were gathering to place their bets. In the few hours it took Pegasus to get to San Francisco, the city had been informed of the next day's excitement. The Wotansraven was well known to be Germany's fastest zeppelin, and Baron von Schmeck and his crew were equally well known. It was also suspected that they acted as freelance agents for Berlin. The world of zeppelin intrigue was in full swing.

***Consider replacing with a newsboy, would love to have Brian do it***
NB: "American zeppelin crew faces off with the Kaiser's finest!

Jeffries: Captain! San Francisco 10 degrees off the port bow, 5 miles out. Wind's from the west as usual, sir!

D: Thank you Jeffries. Secure that line! Watch out for gusts as we approach "the Slot."

Misc crewmember: "Aye aye captain"

J: Wow San Francisco! Ive never seen it! Look Lefty!

L: woooah

Jeffries: 50 feet and falling sir.

D: Excellent, secure the port side.

MCM: Secure!

D: Starboard side!

MCM: Secure!

D: Welcome to San Francisco lads.

(doors opening, props dying, general chatter)

J: Are we going into town?

D:I am going into town, YOU are staying on the zeppelin with Lefty and Jeffries.

J: Ah shucks!

(Planes/zeppelins in the background, steps come up)

Tarkington: 'Ello Daedalus. Heard you got yourself in a bit of a scrape with a bloody Hun. The Damn Kaiser's got his whole bloody army going tits ta mockers about the whole tea kettle you brewed over Denver, proper bag'a wank ya' ask me.

Daedalus: Mr. Coyne Tarkington, to what do I owe the pleasure?

T: Oh the usual, I just happened to be in the area selling some priceless mummified Siamese; Ming Dynasty, terribly rare these days. Acquired these ones near Shanghai. Ming Dao the Second seemed eager to be rid of them. It was either me or the communists.

D: I can't imagine how you persuaded him.

T: Oh you know, the usual, my trusty shovel made him a deal he couldnt refuse. Hehe it reminds of this one incident in the Suez in '93. Damn Bedouin wouldnt...

D: Yes, thank you Coyne, I recall the story.

T: Right... Speaking of incidents, Flex Brawnmans here. Got in a fight with a grizzly at the zoo this morning. Poor bear, never saw 'im coming....

D: Well I need him Coyne, von Schmeck isnt schmucking around. He means business.

T: The great Drake Daedelus is rounding up the old crew again eh?, just like old times! I know where we can find Brawnman, and last I heard Merryweather was making steam-powered-Jet-copters for the Japanese.

D: And we'll need Calvin if we're going to fly over the pyranese.

T: I haven't heard anything since the sky pirate incident in India. I snooped around a bit but the trail goes cold in Istanbul...the winds are changing Daedelus, nowadays, nobody flies over turkey except the Turks.

D: If I cared about the bloody wind I would buy a Cod Damn sailboat Tarkington. We'll fly over Turkey, and I'll do it with a Cod Damn frenchman in the cockpit if I have to.

T: You crazy son of a bitch Daedelus! (prehaps change to cockney or something else) Well, I say, its about time we stepped out for some tea. Shall we?

D: Lets go.

(clock ticking)
J: Im bored.
L: They've only been gone 5 minutes Johnny. Want some bubblegum?
J: Whered you get that bubblegum Lefty?
L: My pocket.
J: Captain Daedalus told us not bring any back to the zeppelin.
L: Oh yea.
J:They've been gone an awful long time. Should we go look for them? Maybe they need us? Klaus wouldnt have stayed at the zeppelin. Lets go after them.
L: Johnny, Captain Daedalus told us to stay here.
J: Yea, but he didnt tell what to do in an emergency Lefty. Besides, I'm a boy adventurer, what could possibly go wrong?
L: Should we tell Jeffries?
J: No, he said he didn't want to be distrubed while he's fixing the boiler. He sure does spend a lot of time fixing that boiler. Lets go Lefty, for Adventure!
Lefty: Oh Boy!

(busy street noises, car horns, people talking)

KR: hello boys, fancy for a game of whist?

Johnny: Do I ever!
Lefty: (whispering) Johnny, I don't know about all this. That man is really scary and that alley is awful dark.
Johnny: Oh come on lefty, stop being such a weenie.
Lefty: I am not a weenie! I want to play whist.

(sound of cards shuffling)

KR: You know the rules gentlemen, what's the wager?

Johnny: One Timothy Carnagie slingshot

KR: I'll match that for ten dollars, and how about you little man?
Lefty: I'll bet my shoes!
Johnny: (whispering) Lefty, you can't bet your shoes. Pops had them made special for your stupid pigeon feet.
Lefty: (resolutely) I bet my shoes!

(card shuffling sound)

KR: Well I guess thats the way the cards fall gentlemen. I guess I'll be taking the slingshot and the shoes.
JD: You'll never get away with this! Captain Daedelus will stop you!
FB: Did somebody say Daedelus?
KR: Who...who...who...the hell are you?
FB: Flex Brawnman, but you can call me "the Duke." You crossed a line Kenny, a mans gotta sink pretty low take shoes from crippled child. Makes my blood boil. (Knuckles crack)
KR: Oh no! There must be some mistake.
FB: Thats right, and you're the one who made it. Boys, I want you to close your eyes for a while, this ain't gonna be pretty.

(City sounds)

Jeffries: They must'uv run off while I was working on the boiler, Captain, those kids are a whole mess a trouble.
Daedelus: Tarkington, you know this city, where could they have gone?
Tarkington: I think I have an idea, but its tits over apples Daedelus.

FB: DAEDELUS! Haven't seen you in years you old son of a bitch.
D: Flex?
FB: Yah, Johnny and Lefty were just catching me up on the race, weren't you boys?
D: Oh yah, thats right captain.

JD: I'm real sorry a wandered off captain.
DD: haHA! (said like 'Hark!' not laughter) You've got good instincts boy, and you would hardly be a boy adventurer if you didn't follow them. You and your brother are like the "son who didn't die that I never had" ('aaaaawe' sound effect)...

Loudspeaker: Zepellin's to the starting line. At your mark. Go!

D: Full speed ahead crew! I want to see Hawaii on the horizon by dawn!
The crew collectively: Aye Aye Captain!

Next time on Johnny Dangerfist! The typhoon over Honalulu!
(storm music)
D: Gusts from the east! Tighten the jib!
JD: Are we gonna make it?
BM: (Heavy scottish) Betsy may be old but she's sassy!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

back on zeppelin

DD: Well, Lionel, your services have been invaluable.

LS: Well I could say the same of you and your crew! Thanks to that message from Black Falcon I've got some new leads to dig up in Switzerland.

FB: Never did trust those Swiss, too many small moving parts. Wear those tight little shorts.

DD: Jeffries! Set course for Cairo!

JD: Captain, what about my princess?

DD: Johnny, the world is full of princesses

FB: Yah...

Ovaltine: Looks like things could be getting steamy for our young hero. Steamy like rich chocolate Ovaltine! Fortified with the vitamins and minerals for the growing boy adventurer! Rich Chocolate Ovaltine, official sponsor of Johnny Dangerfist, Boy Adventurer! And now, back to our show.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Betrothal in Baghdad

N: As the events of Bombay receded into the dark of night over the Indian Ocean our heroes sped on towards Baghdad. Baghdad was at once both a stronghold of the British Empire and an encampment on the edge of civilization. Many great archeological expeditions had come into the fertile crescent to seek ancient treasures, some had ventured into the desert, few returned. The mysterious Bedouins remained the main inhabitants of the deserts and kept many of the secrets and treasures of old. On the Pegasus, Lefty’s kidnapping had left the crew shocked and surprised, with the exception of Daedalus, who remained calm in the face of both devious dealings and danger.

Coyne: Ok Johnny, well i'm going to double my bet. You have to put in ten more piece of gum if you want to keep playing the hand.

Johnny: Errr....that sure is a big bet Mr. Tarkington, I think I'm going to fold.


(cards/chips sounds)

Johnny: Mr. Tarkington, what did you have?

Coyne: Nine high.

Johnny: Well if you had such a bad hand Mr. Tarkington why did you keep betting?

Coyne: Sometimes Johnny, you have to pretend that you have the upper hand Johnny. Uncertainty is a powerful weapon johnny.

Johnny: Like a cannon?

Coyne: (light hearted laugh) haha, yes Johnny, like a cannon

JD: I still cant believe Lefty is gone. What are we going to do?? Everything seems so empty without him.

CT: Keep a stiff upper lip lad, we’ll get that chipper brother of yours back!

(Door opens)
FB: Yes, we will Johnny. Though no thanks to you Coyne.

D: I need to have a word with you. Flex, keep an eye on Johnny.

FB: You got it skip.

(door shuts, walking)

CT: Im awfully sorry skipper, this IS my fault.

D: I appreciate the sincerity of your apology Coyne, but theres not much I can do. YOU are the real target of McBruce, not the boy. The note demands that I hand you over to him in a trade for the boy when we get to Munich.

CT: Well damn my eyes, that sneaky bastard. He always was a smart one.

D: So it seems. I don’t see any way out of it Coyne, it is your fault the boy is gone. I think you catch my drift. Unless you can think of a solution im fairly certain McBruce will have his trade.

CT: Well tits and marmalade, this is jam. Have you considered why he wants the switch done in Munich? Seems a bit far.

D: It struck me as odd as well. But I think we will just have to scout around on our way there and see what we can do. Getting into Germany will be nigh impossible.

CT: Although Daedalus, I think for once that ever enchanting witch of yours might be useful.

D: Im not putting Carmen in danger to suit my own ends. You know me better than that Coyne.

CT: Well Im just saying, she does have a way of procuring various things. We, you, may not have much choice.

D: We shall discuss this later. For now think of a way to save Lefty and yourself.

CT: There may be one way. I think I know something that McBruce might want even more than me.

D: And what might that be?

CT: The Eye of the Jiinn, it’s a ruby the size of my fist. I just happen to know someone who can help me find it: my old mentor, Dr. Henri van der Voordebloom. The famous Dutch archeologist and, between you and me, black marketeer.

D: Well im willing help, where does this Dr. van der Fourwhatever live?

CT: Last I heard, south of the Euphrates, in desert. Some Assyrian dig or something.


Winters: Captain, Baghdad, 6, 6 miles out. We have been cleared to land

D: Thanks Winters. (off comm) Coyne, we’ll figure out who is going where when we have our crew meeting upon landing.

CT: Roger that skip. And one other, if it comes to it, ill give myself up for Lefty.

(Landing sounds)

D (I): Everyone gather outside the zeppelin. We’re having a crew meeting.

(doors, talking, walking)

D: Ok everyone, listen up. We’re only staying in Baghdad as long as we have to. We are going to accomplish two things: first we are sending an expedition to the desert, second we are replenishing our food stores at the Imperial Zeppelin Depot, courtesy of my good friend Major Dickens.

JD: Desert? What for captain?

D: I think Mr. Tarkington had best explain.

CT: Well Johnny we are going to see my old mentor. Dr van der Voorderbloom. He can help us to get your brother back.

JD: That’s good!

CT: We are going to get a big

D: (Interupting) Yes it is Johnny, though we will have to be careful, the desert and those who live there can be very dangerous.

(car drives brakes, screech)

Lionel Slade (LS): Hey boys! Name’s Lionel Slade, investigative reporter for The Daily Sensation – fastest talker this side of the of atlantic. Which one of you gents is Drake Daedalus?

FB: Oh great, a reporter, talk about a dishonest profession.

D: Im Drake Daedalus. What do you want?

LS: Well that’s a great question captain. Im here investigating a character called the Black Falcon. Word on the street is that you were seen at the Rajah’s Turban in Bombay?? That true? Some sort secret meeting or such. Intrigue’s afoot and I want a part of it. No sensation escapes Slade they say!

D: Um yea,

FB: Slade, I can think of at least one sensation that wont escape, having your face stimulated by a brick.

JD: Oh my goodness Mr. Brawnman!

FB: Look kid, if theres one lesson I can teach, apart from how to use a good brick. Its not to mess with reporters.

CT: That’s unusually observant of you Flex.

LS: Well boys let me suggest something, since you don’t seem terribly excited to see me. I know Baghdad like the back of my notebook. Ill take you wherever you need to go in exchange for some information. Seems like a fair deal to me. Strike your fancy?

D: Im not makin any promises about information concerning the Black Falcon, but I can tell you your chances of getting some will be greatly improved if you help us find some camels.

LS: Goin into the desert eh? Sounds like an adventure if ive ever heard of one. Where are you going?

D: That’s not your business mr slade.

LS: Hah! I make everything my business, im a journalist! But no matter, lets go see about those camels. I know just the man for you.

(city sounds, music)

LS: Hey Abdullah, I want six camels, five for riding and one for supplies.

A: That will be 25 pounds.

LS: HAH! Like hell it will. I wasn’t born yesterday Abdullah and you know it! No one gets a fast one past Lionel Slade!!

A: very well, 15 pounds, but I better get them back in one piece.

D: We’ll do our best. Why six Slade?

LS: Because im coming with you of course!! Lets go find your Dutchman! Follow me lads!

(horse noises)

LS: This looks like the place! Looks pretty shabby though if ya ask me. Looks like no one's live here for ages!

CT: Old vanderbloom was never really much a decorator, liked old things, old pottery, old houses, old women. Used to be a pretty standup guy till he lost his position at the university, then it was all downhill for old Vanderbloom

FB: I suppose the apple doesn't fall far from the tree now does it Coyne.

DD: Thats enough boys, lets get a move on

(old creeky door followed by slightly spooky music)

CT: Professor Vanderbloom?

PV: (creepiest dutch voice you've ever heard) Come on in Coyne, i haven't seen you in ages.

CT: I suppose thats right professor, how are you holding up.

PV: I'm holding up just fine, I've got a.....(breaths heavily)...a lady friend upstairs who helps me with my chores and my daily....requirements.

CT: Well I suppose thats....understandable.

PV: Coyne, i can sense that you are uneasy, my boy, what is is that is troubling you

CT: Its Wally, he's kidnapped a boy and I need to find a way to get him back.

PV: That is indeed a dire situation. Coyne, Wally was always a very...stimulating pupil, in some ways he is as cunning as you are Coyne. He is scrupulous and will stop at nothing......(rasping)...Coyne.

Coyne: Teacher!

PV: (more rasping) Coyne, I have kept this for a long time, and I believe that it is the treasure Wally Seeks.

Coyne: (Gasp!) The Eye of Jiin. But how did you solve the puzzle?

PV: The only the....beginning...of the puzzle. And the ring is the key...Coyne, Wally will not be able to solve the puzzle without you...but he must not obtain the treasure....

CT: I understand, thank you master.

PV: Oh! and Coyne.

CT: Yes teacher.

PV: (something inspirational) Now go!

(door swings)

CT: I've got the eye, lets go!

(horse noises)

BH: You will not be going anywhere. Who are you who are trespassing upon our territory?

LS: Just what we need now! Bedouins! What a great story!

DD: We are zeppelineers, we sought the council of Dr. Voorderbloom

BH: We are wary of strangers. How can I know that you are not agents or worse, surveyors, planning to run iron roads through our desert. You must come with us, the desert can be quite….treacherous

FB: Like hell we will!

DD: (whisper) Calm down Flex now is not the time. We need to pick our battle.

DD: (Loud) We are not agents, and to prove it we will come with you.

CT: Everyone stay on your toes, these Beduins have strange customs.

LS: This might be my best story yet!

(fade into music)

BH: Salaam, sheik! We bring trespassers we found in the desert.

D: We are not trespassers noble sheik, simply a few visitors for the Dutch professor.

BS: I see. Salaam amaleikum. Welcome to our mukhayyam, our camp. It is the custom of our people, to exchange gifts, as a sign of friendship. Perhaps this will ease the tensions.

FB: (quietly) between you and me Capn, this doenst exactly look like a friendly Christmas party.

LS: You need to go to more newspaper Christmas parties.

FB: can it slade

D: Coyne, give them the ruby, it will buy us some time.

CT: but capn!

D: Coyne!

CT: Aye aye skipper.

*Ahem* This ruby is our most valuable possession, it holds innumberable secrets.

BS: Impressive, a rare and unequaled jewel. I find this gift pleasing.

JD: And this slingshot is my most valuable possession, I bought it in Denver!

DD: Johnny, NO!

(Gasps and Arabic mumblings)

BS: I have never seen such a gift. Such a mechanism must certainly be of great value. In our custom, if I cannot give you a greater gift value, than you have caused me a great dishonor.

JD: Oh no! I sure wouldn’t want to cause anyone a dishonor!

BH: My sheik, an idea perhaps! (whispers)

BS: A good idea!

BH: The chief says that you, young one, will marry his daughter! (Loud) Begin the celebration! (Noise erupts)

JD: Well what if I don’t want to get married!

CT: It doesn’t sound like we’re going to have much say in the matter Johnny.

BC: Young one, come with me, we must prepare you for the ceremony.

CT: Run along Johnny, the grown ups have business to attend to.

JD: But, what? Nooooo…..

CT: Flex, we need to get that Ruby back, it’s the only thing that will get Lefty back

FB: Well I’ve figure the weddings a good a time as any ta have a look around the place, and I’ve got no scruples about Indian giving to a group of chinamen.

CT: I don’t know if I could even begin to explain whats wrong with what you just said.


CT: Johnny! Cmon! Run!!! To the horses!

JD: But im getting married!!

FB: No youre not! Lets get goin!

D: Whats going here? Coyne, Flex, where have you two been?

CT: We got the ruby skip, now we got to get the hell out of here!!

D: Coyne I wish you had told me of this plan before doing something that will have an entire Bedouin clan trying to kill us,

FB: Too late for that now. Lets go! Here everyone take a rifle. I found them in the tent with the ruby.

JD: But but, what about my princess?

FB: You mean that damned chinawoman??

CT: Alright, im leaving.

D: Ride east!! There will be british troops at the Euphrates!!! Stick together!!!!

(Horses then shouting)

The FIGHT!!! (shouts, gun shots horses)

FB: Dammit, the way is blocked!!! That ravine is too steep.

CT: Theres no way around either.

FB: Looks like this is where we make our last stand gents I always did think it would involve Chinamen.

D: Dismount men, find cover. Pick your targets. Johnny, stay close to me.

(gunshots, shouts – everyone kills one or two)

JD: There’s too many of them!!

FB: Like hell there are! Eat rock chinaman!!!

CT: Johnny throw me that revolver!! (gunshot)

D: They are regrouping, this is it men. Im out of ammo.

CT: Same

FB: I still have a few good rocks though.

D: Its been a pleasure men, but I think this is the end of the line.

JD: Are we going to die captain???

D: Not you Johnny, just hide behind that rock, hopefully they will think we stole you. Do whatever they tell you.

FB: Here they come!

(Shouts gunshots)

(external airplane dives, machine guns)

D: It’s the Black Falcon!!!

CT: Well would you believe it!! Look theyre running for it!! HAHA you Bedouin bastards!!! Tits and…. tits!!!

FB: You said it coyne, I couldn’t have put it better.

(horses shouts receeding, airplane dives again)

JD: Look captain! He dropped a little parachute!!

Mix it up

Lets split up gang

1) Flex goes to see crazy old man in mountains in Coyne's stead.

2) Coyne, Johnny, and Daedelus attend wedding

3) I guess that leaves Jeffreys/Merriweather/Winters to meet reporter character.

Not sure its quite the matchups I want

Reporter character- fast talking city type
-trying to untie all the knots
-Trying to learn about Bettington and the Black Falcon


Crazy Old Man- needs a name
-Coyne and Wally's mentor
-Very quirky

Episode V

The midnight society presents: Johnny Dangerfist and the Atomic Age Zeppelin Race

Forshadowy Introduction

First scene: Zepplin chatter.

--Should be lighthearted involving Johnny and a crew member, someone who has taken over the responsibility over Johnny's well being in the absence of lefty
--Group dinner?
--Roberts Rules of order meeting
--Going through customs
--playing jacks
--playing whist
I could see a light hearted and resolved Coyne doing this
----A man who has accepted the sacrifice he is going to make
--the starting conversation should foreshadow the idealogical conflict of the episode in some way to contribute to cohesiveness

Scenario 1: trust dependent

Coyne: Johnny, then you have to look at your cards and make a guess of how many tricks you will win.
Johnny: But how will i know what cards you have in your hand Mr. Tarkington.
Coyne: You won't, sometimes you just have to trust the players on your team and know that they're look out for you.

Scenario 2: how to bluff

Coyne: Ok Johnny, well i'm going to double my bet. You have to put in ten more piece of gum if you want to keep playing the hand.
Johnny: Errr....that sure is a big bet Mr. Tarkington, I think I'm going to fold.
Coyne: (line)
Johnny: Mr. Tarkington, what did you have?
Coyne: Nine high.
Johnny: Well if you had such a bad hand Mr. Tarkington why did you keep betting?
Coyne: Sometimes Johnny, you have to pretend that you have the upper hand Johnny. Uncertainty is a powerful weapon johnny.
Johnny: Like a cannon?
Coyne: (light hearted laugh) haha, yes Johnny, like a cannon. Now, if you'll excuse me I'll need to talk to the Captain.

(Zeppelin Sounds)

Coyne: Daedelus, When we land in Bagdad, I have some...personal business that I've got to take care of. I've got to see an old friend.
Flex: (angry) Sounds like you already took care of some personal business you took care of back in Bombey.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dangernotes on episode V

Things which need to happen

A) Johnny gets married

Things which might happen
A) Coyne needs artifact from dessert
B) Coyne needs to talk to mentor about artifact
C) Flex could want something from the dessert
D) Mole plot could evolve
E) Introduce Reporter Character!!! (possibly new addition? eh? eh?)
--he's a fast taking city type
--he doesn't know a lot of whats going on but he's curious
--he's very very 1920's
F) Black Falcon plot could evolve (possibly through reporter character)


1) Chit chat on the Zeppelin
2) Zeppelin lands
3) The gang is split up
4) Group I Adventures
4a) Johnny's group gets captured by Bedouins and it is decided that Johnny must get married
4b) Coyne capitalizes on the marriage and sneaks off to do some scandalous business
5) Group II goes on shorter punctuated adventures
6) Ovaltine!
7) Flashcut to end of marriage. Short futile discussion and then Group II shows up with horses, a car, or a legion of motorcycles.
8) Fight in desert (probably on horseback)
9) Make it back to the Zeppelin (falling action)
9a) Discussion of where to go next
9b) Discussion of what it means to be an adult (Johnny and Daedelus)

10 ) Next time on Johnny Dangerfist!