Wednesday, May 5, 2010

options for confrontation

WB: I'm glad ta see ya come alone. Coyne, its been a while.

CT: Not long enough if ya ask me.

WB: Word on the street is that you've been poking your nose around the old professor again. How's he doing Coyne?

CT: Old vordebloom is doing...interestingly?

WB: Cut the crap Coyne, I know 'ey gave you Eye. You always were the teachers pet.

CT: And you were always evil.

WB: Give me single reason why i shouldn't kill you right here. I know you've got the eye and ring on your person, and you know i've got no hesitations about taking valuables off a dead body. It almost seems fitting.

CT: It won't do you any good, I destroyed the cipher. Without it the ruby is just a ruby.

episode 8, germany


Their daring and dangerous escape from Istanbul complete our heroes sped north towards Munich the rescue of Lefty foremost on their minds. The rendezvous with Wally McBruce was supposed to take place in the next 24 hours, and the border control of Germany was very strict. Carmen had set about the improvising of disguises and paperwork for the crew, but at best Captain Daedalus had a very tenuous plan. Lefty’s fate would soon be decided by the brave actions of our heroes.

Scene 1, Tale of Madam Dehavile

Carmen: Johnny, you've got to sit still if you want me to take your measurements

Johnny: But sitting still is sooo hard.

Carmen: I often have that effect on men, just not usually of your stature

Johnny: You sure are good at Stiches Ms. Dehavile.

Carmen: (soft laugh) well yes Johnny, I've certainly sewed more than my share of uniforms. Drake always had quite a talent for getting his torn up.

Johnny: Was Captain Daedelus ever in the army?

Carmen: (another laugh): good heavens no! Drake always was far too much of free spirit, had a habit for stirring up world-wide political catastrophes. But back in the day he did make the men on his ship wear uniforms, kept the men in line.

Johnny: Well I'll just be glad once I get to take off this german uniform, i think it's aweful uncomfortable.

Carmen: Well I think it makes you look quite hansom.

Johnny: Do you really think so?

Carmen: I do indeed. Now lets go give the uniforms to the rest of the crew.


DD: Is everything ready for the german boarder?

CT: I think so cap, Carmen did a bangup job on those papers, I've never seen such good fakes and i've been in smugglin for thirty years!

FB: Yah? Well it took her long enough. Sooner she gets off the zeppelin the better.

CT: What (Stressed, exasperated) is your issue with this woman, Flex, she's been nothing but a joy to everyone on board. And you know that I had my doubts to say the least.

FB: She's got to go, Coyne! No women, and no chinamen! Its the first rule.

CT: Seriously Flex, if I had a dime for everytime...

DD: He's absolutely right Coyne, she's got to go.

CT: What? I think that of all people you would understand.

DD: Right now its far too dangerous for her to be here. There is intrigue afoot and I could never forgive myself if anything happened to her

LS: No indeed, can you imagine the press coverage? The world wound be devastated!

D: Slade….
(segue into intrigue)

J: We’re coming up fast on the German border captain!


D: Crew, prepare to enact operation Lefty!

MW: Captain captain! There is a zeppelin approaching from the port quarter according to the RABPUSS!

D: Very well, Coyne keep a good eye out for visual contact.

CT: Righto skip.

FB: Better not be those damned huns already. I haven’t put on my fancy pants lederhosen crap yet.

JD: But that’s not lederhosen! It’s a german air officer uniform!

FB: same difference kid.

® BVS: My good captain daedalus! A pleasant day to you sir. Do my eyes deceive me or are you trying to enter Germany?

® D: Baron! We are in the process of rescuing lefty according to our previously discussed arrangements. How goes the search for Dieter?

® BVS: We are heading to Marseilles soon. But here comes the border patrol, I shall try to help you presently.

Border patrol: (R) Achtung zeppelin Eins eins null sieben dies ist der deutsche Grenzkontrolle. Bitte halt und bereiten Sie sich zur an Bord überprüfung.

D: (R) (Crappy german accent) Ja wohl grenz kontrol (NR) Prepare for boarding crew, stay calm. Wheres Carmen?

CD: Right here Drake, don’t you worry about me. I am the least of your problems.

FB: Durned Huns…

CT: They are boarding us now.

BG: Guten Tag herr kapitan. Kann ich ihre papiere sehen bitte?

D: Umm ja, natrullick. Hier.

BG: Hmmm, diese Papiere sind alle in Ordnung, aber sind Sie? Perhaps zis conversation would be better in English ja?

D: Ich spreche kein English.

BG: Come now, kapitan. Enough of ze games. I have no time. Should I question your crew? With zer impeccable uniforms, ze must surely have impeccable deutsch oder?

FB: Du hast keine Freundin!

BG: Na ja, your mate has it here correct, i have no girlfriend at ze moment. So..vat shall we

MW: Captain !

BVS: Was ist hier los!!! Wer bist du???

BG: Ich bin der Grenzsoldat…und wer sind Sie?

BVS: This is outrageous! I am Baron von Schmeck! These are my friends. That is the famous singer, Carmen DeHaviland! She has an audience waiting in Munich and you are just bumbling along here?? You must immediately allow them through!

Das ist ünerhort!!! Ich bin Graf von Schmeck! Die sind meine freunden! Die ist die berühmte Sängerin Carmen DeHaviland!!! Sie hat ein Publikum das wartet auf ihr in München!!! Du wirdst sofort uns zu passiern lassen!

BG: But, but, that does not work they are not
Ja aber das geht nicht ! sie sind nicht die

BVS: Do you not believe me? Where is your officer? I will speak with him immediately!
I will have you shot, and then relieved of your post and then shot again!!

Glaubst du mir nicht?!? Wer und wo ist deiner Offizier! Ich werde jetzt mit ihm sprechen! Das ist absurd, ich werde sofort eine Beschwerde-Datei mit dem Ministerium Grenze!!!

BG: Yes. Yes sir! Right, right away Herr Baron. Excuse me, im im sorry, right away, immediately!!!

Ja! Jawohl Herr Graf. Entschuldigung, es tut mir leid, sofort sofort! (runs off)

BVS: Welcome to mein wunderbarisches Deutschland my friends!

CD: That was a marvelous performance baron! We certainly owe you a debt of gratitude!

D: thanks baron. I don’t think that was going well.

BVS: Despite some very impressive efforts on your part. Look at the boy! His uniform is simply marvelous! Your work I presume madame? The famous Carmen dehaviland is most..resourceful ja?

CD: You are too kind baron, and such a dashing uniform yourself, its no wonder ive heard such things from some of my singer friends. My Mimi in Paris said that

D: Yea well I think that’s umm, enough for now, we have to find Lefty. We’re nearly at munich.

BVS: Yes yes, but of course. I shall return to Wotansraven, but please allow me to accompany you to munich, it is my home city, something I do not you knew.

FB: Well just goes to show you you learn something new everyday (belligerent tone)

BVS: Ah, ze ever charming Flex Brawnman, I do always appreciate your levity in such situations.

D: Can you help us get lefty?

BVS: Indeed I think I can, and ve have very important information to discuss regarding ze firm and zat French character the Black Falcon. Shall we meet at, say 9 o clock for dinner? My residenz is just outside the city. It should be easy to find. And captain, I hazard you shall find the police force of munich more, accommodating, than that of Istanbul.

CD: You are too kind baron.

BVS: Nonsense, such beauty must be properly entertained in Germany! Let not my country be given a bad name!

D: Great, well uh lets go then. See you later baron.

BVS: Til dinner all!

CT: Well that was something of a surprise! Whats gotten into him?

FB: Its that durned woman again.

CT: I did tell you she has a “knack” for things like this didn’t I Skip?

D: As if I didn’t know it.

CD: Come now boys, don’t be jealous of the baron. Hes a peach, he just saved us! I for one, am very grateful (slightly sultry).

D: Well please restrict your expression of that gratitude to a few words of thanks. Prepare to land!

(zeppelin landing sounds)

D: And now to the Paulaner complex!!

CT: The brewery? That’s the best news ive heard all day!

LS: Marvelous! They have world renowned beer! I must add them to my cultural report!

FB: Things are certainly looking scrum,licious

CT: Flex, its either delicious, or scrum

D: We don’t have time. Cmon. Carmen, you stay here!

CD: Oh sure, and miss all the fun?

D: Carmen!

CD: Fine

D: its only for your own safety.

(Truck drives off)

D: Here we are. Heres the plan. Flex, Johnny. You sneak in through the back, be careful the place is probably well guarded. Coyne, you and Slade will come with me.

CD: What about me?

D: WHAT?!? How did Carmen get here?

CT: Skip, she just asked so nicely to be sneaked on the truck with us.

FB: Damnit coyne! Youre a complete failure

CT: Istanbul flex, Istanbul….

FB: That is completely different!

D: Whatever, Carmen you come with me too. Stay close.

CD: Of course I will.

JD: For Lefty!

All: For Lefty!!

(door slams open)

WB: Well ello their mates. Look what the cat dragged in. Miyo miyo dug yourself up a right bit o woman there captain!

D: Where’s Lefty Wally?

WB: I'm glad ta see ya come alone. Coyne, its been a while.

CT: Not long enough if ya ask me.

WB: Word on the street is that you've been poking your nose around the old professor again. How's he doing Coyne?

CT: Old vordebloom is doing...interestingly?

WB: Cut the crap Coyne, I know 'ey gave you Eye. You always were the teachers pet.

CT: And you were always evil.

WB: Give me single reason why i shouldn't kill you right here. I know you've got the eye and ring on your person, and you know i've got no hesitations about taking valuables off a dead body. It almost seems fitting.

CT: It won't do you any good, I destroyed the cipher. Without it the ruby is just a ruby.

WB: Ha! You’ve finally learned how to bargain.

CT: Where’s the kid??

WB: Well…I don’t have him. Not without the ring and ruby, mate. If nothing else they’ll fetch a fine price alone.

(door opens again)

WB: Well ello their mates. Look what the cat dragged in. Miyo miyo dug yourself up a right bit o woman there captain! I see you weren’t alone after all coyne. How disappointing

D: Where’s Lefty Wally?

FB: We took out a few guards. Oh and that “big guy” of yours mcbruce? Pretty puny. Nice try though.

WB: I don’t believe you.

FB: That’s what I thought you’d say. So I brought scalps.

D: Wally, the game is up. Weve got you cornered. Give us the kid.

WB: Oh im just stalling for time. Theres bigger and boomier things afoot good captain, on your zeppelin. My my she is a looker though. She seems familiar. Have we met love?

CD: stay away from me creep. Drake, don’t let him near me!

D: You don’t even have to ask.

WB: temper temper, I doubt shes your type there skiperoo, a lot to handle I imagine. That’s it! A singer right? Carmen dahaviland! That’s it, youre a saucy one love.

LS: How dare you call her saucy! She’s a fine lady you, you miscreant!

WB: Tut, even the press is ere, bloody ell.

JD: Wheres my brother!

FB: Ill go search more of the building! Cmon slade.

SL: The plot thickens!

WB (getting desperate): You’ll never find him! Wheres my ruby? Wheres the damn ring coyne!?! We had a deal! Eat lead, or start handing over some jewelry (gun cocks)

CT: You stole a kid, you low down, son of a jackal. Id shoot you now but

JD: You cant because I will! (guns go off)

WB: You shot me johnny! My leg!

CT: And you tried to shoot me you bastard. Missed by inches.

D: Get his gun. You wont die bruce, but that’s enough to serve as a warning. You’re mixing with the wrong characters. The Firm will betray you anways.

WB: Ha! What little you know, I just hope you like the fireworks!

FB: I found the kid! And that little hun brat too!

LS: They were tied up in the basement!! It was horrible dark down there, just horrible! The inhumanity.

JD: Lefty!!! Youre safe!!!!

L: JOHNNY!!!! Ive been so scared!!!

FB: Youre safe now kid.

DT: sank you for saving me!

FB: Um yea, sure. Just kinda worked out that way.

LS: Any time little man!

L: Dieter and I are good friends now.

WB: Ill find you again you stupid kids!!

JD: Ill shoot you again mr!

D: Lets go! We have much to do!

CT: Id rather not be enemies in the future mcbruce, but I warn you. If you push me, next time I will pull the trigger, and it wont be your leg that’s hit.

LS: would you just look at the tension!

(door closes)

D: Alright back to the truck.

CD: Well all this tension made me hungry, and I do believe theres a dinner waiting for us! Its nearly 8, and I cant possibly wear this old thing. Drake, I need a new dress.

D: Hah! I think not. Maybe the peachy baron has something for you! (snarky)

CD: Well I never..

LS: I think you look simply, simply wonderful!

FB: Durned women and their clothes. You never hear the end of it.

CD: Id watch yourself there flex.

CT: Hahaha oh the battle continues.

D: Lets go.

L: Where are we going?

JD: to baron von schmecks!

DT: hoorah! Ze baron!!

L: OH BOY!!!!!

(truck drives off)

BVS: Ah my friends! Welcome to my humble abode! Im so glad you could come.

LS: Humble abode! This place is the bees knees baron!

BVS: Oh thank you, but really. Did you find ze boy??

D: Yes, and dieter.

BVS: Dieter! Ach zis is wunderbar! Now I am much obliged to you good kapitan.

DT: Baron!!! Klaus!!!

K: Dieter!!!

BVS: might I also add zat you look ravishing my dear madame dehaviland. That dress is quite becoming.

CD: Well, I, thank you baron. This old thing? Nonsense.

BVS: Now now don’t be absurd. Kinder! Children! Your dinner is prepared in ze back room. Gentlemen, and lady, shall we adjurn for dinner?

JD: Im not eating with the kids! Im a grownup!

FB: True that, Johnny shot his second man today.

BVS: vell zen, I shall have another place set!

D: Thanks baron. Weve got a lot to talk about.

LS: That chandelier is huge! I aint seen one that big outside the waldorff Astoria!

(some dinner noises)

CD: Baron every dish is magnificent. As is your company. I simply cannot get enough of this story of your adventure with the pygmies!

BVS: youre much too kind. Some more Riesling perhaps? 1899, a splendid year.

CD: Oh I cant say no!

D: Ok, down to business.

CT: Right, this jägerschnitzel is fantastic though.

FB: Ill say. This is my third serving.

JD: I like the potatoes.

D: Whats going on with the black falcon? And the firm?
BVS: Well, simply put, the Firm is a swiss banking conglomerate that wants to start a massive war between france and germany and Russian and turkey and Britain and god knows who else. The black falcon has been digging all this up, with some help from your reporter mr slade there. I believe you found the damning evidence in zurich my good man?

LS: You better believe it! Nothing escapes slade they say! I found all sorts of documents outlining the various treaties and alliances they had manipulated! Europe is on the brink of disaster. Who would have suspected it?

BVS: Well I for one know zat the Kaiser will not let any potential incidents go without seizing the opportunity of smacking ze French. They can be so frustrating you know. Excellent wine though. And your Parisian mimi, Carmen what a gem!

CD: Now youre just trying to make me jealous baron!

D: Well where is the black falcon? How come he didn’t tell me this??

BVS: Well the funny thing was that the Firm was on his trail too. Mr Slade, can you explain?

LS: well I am a great journalist, so I never pass up an investigation. So I was hired by the firm to learn about the falcon and the falcon to learn about the firm. Great pay! And the stories I found. That falcon character is something else. But ill tell you what, compared to that lord bettington, that wally mcbruce is nothing. I was in Istanbul looking for the falcon when I found you gents!

FB: Wasn’t that a great visit? We should go back soon.

CT: Count me out

JD: Can we go to another cabaret flex???

FB: No Johnny, I think youre old enough for more manly

D: AND what about the firm’s plot baron? How did you discover it? Apart from what I told you?

BVS: Ze black falcon was worried about your search for zat Jacques character. He was afraid you were too hot on his trail. So he met with me while you were stirring up the janissaries in Istanbul. He informed me of your plans to get into germany today. Fortunately I was able to arrive in time!

CD: Absolutely, its been a pleasure making your acquaintance.

BVS: youre too kind. Some more wine kapitan?

D: Umm sure. But back to the firm.

BVS: Right, well it seems that whatever plot ze were cooking up, you say this yes?, has failed. Ve have the kinder, ze children back. We can now continue the race!

FB: Sound fishy to me. Those durned swiss with their holey cheese, it always seems like there hiding something.

CT: What was that that mcbruce was talking about? Fireworks or something? Could be he was just trying to squirm his way out of a jam.

JD: Well mr winters had something suspicious. He got it out of that big crate during our fight over turkey.

D: What?!? Winters? What was it Johnny?

JD: Well I don’t know, there was so much going on, I guess I just forgot.

CT: Tits and schnitzel! Its a bomb!!! Of course the pirates were willing to help us! they were hired by the firm!! Just as they had been to kill Jacques!

D: Youre right coyne! We gotta get back to the zeppelin! Baron, thanks for dinner.

CD: must we go so soon? I was really just starting to warm up to the baron…maybe you can come back and get me later?

D: Flex, would you like to escort Carmen to the zeppelin?

CD: That will NOT be necessary.

BVS: Come come, such behavior. I am afraid we must take our leave my dear. I should have my zeppelin inspected immediately as well. I shall have you driven to the zeppelin port. I will be there myself presently.

LS: And the meal was outstanding! You get full marks for hospitality!

BVS: but of course

CT: Cmon lefty! We have to get back to the zeppelin!

L: Ok, bye dieter. Thanks for the fun.

DT: Bye lefty!

(doors, driving)
CT: Quick! We must search the zeppelin!

D: Alexy! Where is winters?

A: He said he had to take something to the bridge. I don’t know. I have playing checkers with merriweather in the hangar bay. He is very good.

MW: Oh thank you mr makarov, you are such a bad player yourself.

A: im better when ive had two bottles of vodka instead of one.

MW: Im afraid my drinking skills cannot compare

D: No time now im afraid. Start searching for a bomb!

MW: A bomb!? Some sort of, explosive? A device? Mechanical??

JD: Heres where he put it before! But its gone! He must have it!


CT: Skip! Come to the bridge!

D: What?

CT: Look, we got him red handed:

W: Five, five red wires. And two, two green wires. Yes hahaha just like that!

D: Winters!

W: Uh captain! Hello! Good, um evening.

FB: The game is up funny man. Your saboniage is at an end.

CT: Its espionage and sabotage flex. They aren’t the same word.

FB: Whatever

D: We know you work for the firm winters.

W: No! No that is not true! This is not a bomb! It just a new throttle control!

D: Who said anything about a bomb? And that’s Jeffries’s job, you know that. Youre done winters. Take him to the brig flex and lock him up good.

FB: with pleasure. Cmon winey man.

CD: What a relief! That could have been a disaster!

MW: Indeed, after a cursory look at the device it seems that it could have destroyed the entire zeppelin. It could have very easily caused a reactor meltdown.

L: Oh my shoes!

D: Was it supposed to blow up here?

MW: Well he was trying to attach it to the altimeter, so probably when we reached a certain altitude.

LS: That wouldve caused the international confrontation the Firm needed. If im not mistaken the zeppelin is still painted like a german one no?

D: So it is. No time to change that now, besides we found the bomb.

® BVS: Hallo? Kapitan? Are you zer? We found our man, and ze bomb.

(R) D: Hello Baron. We found our bomb too.

(R) BVS: Well, in that case, may I suggest we finish the race?

® D: Youre on baron! Prepare for takeoff!!

L: Oh boy!!!

JD: For adventure!!!!

(zeppelin take off)

D: Ha! The wotansraven is fast, but Pegasus is keeping up just fine, and we haven’t begun to really push her.

J: I think the old girl will love a good race, nothing like a little challenge to get her all excited

CD: Ill say. You know how women work mr Jeffries.

CT: I don’t believe it.

MW: Captain, we are nearing the French border. Do we have the necessary paperwork?

D: No time to worry about that now. We are nearing French airspace. (edit out) If they give us trouble, we just run for it. Were in the race now boys!!!

LS: The final stage of the Atomic Age Zeppelin Race!!! Munich to New York, the world watches with bated breath!!! Quick, wire that to my editor!!!

® CT: Um captain, I think you had better come take a look at the RABPUSS, its swarming with contacts.

(R) D: Roger that coyne

(R) D: Men, man your battle stations, prepare for combat!!

(R) Johnny, bottom turret

(R) CT: Coyne here, top turret

(R) MW:

(R) AM: ALexy here, we are in the biplanes, preparing for takeoff.

(R) FB:

CD: Im taking one of the biplanes.

D: No carmen, its much too dangerous out there. I need you to stay here where its safe.

CD: But drake!

D: Carmen if anything happened to you i wouldnt know how to live with myself.

CD: Fine ill be waiting in your cabin then.

(R) CT: um skip, it looks like the black falcon! coming in from the starboard side! hes got a whole swarm of those brazilians on his tail.

(R) D: The black falcon? Being chased by the sky pirates? Damn.

(R) D: Falcon! This is daedalus. Do you need assistance? We can take some of those pirates for you

(R) BF: Au contraire mon capitan! I believe it is you who need the assistance. I have brought the sky pirates as reinforcements!

(R) D: Reinforcements for what exactly?

(R) BF: Ze battle with those swiss!!! It is time to revenge the hyperion and my friend hector!!

(R) D: The swiss?

(R) MW: Captain captain!! There is a flight of enemies inbound! Many biplanes and an armed zeppelin! They have french markings!

(R) D: The firm never gives up!

(R) CT: Those sneaky swiss!! neutral my arse!! Their bomb failed but surely this wont.

(R) CA: (some portuguese) Of it course it shall fail!! My men are ready to fight! Victory or death!

(R) D: Baron! Prepare your crew for dirigibattle, we have some unfriendly Firm company

(R) BVS: Ha! I suspected they would try one last time! We are ready for anything!

(R) FB: Im ready for blood!!

(R) LB: Hello there daedalus, baron. I believe your time is up. once and for all. You cannot stop me and my plan!!!!

(R) D: Lord Bettington! You'll never bring us down!

(R) BVS: For honor!!

(R) D: For my son!!!

(R) BF: For justice!!!

(R) JD: For adventure!!!!

(R): L: Oh Boy!

CT: Ello skip, coyne here, theyre coming in fast from up high

JD: Got one!

FB: cmon you watch-making bastards!!!

MW: The enemy zeppelin is coming fast on our starboard side!!

D: We need to get closer to the wotansraven for mutual support! Hard to port!

AM: Molodets!!! Got one!!!

CA: Let us fight like lions my compenheiros!!!

CT: Theres two on your tail flex! Dive left!

AM: I got one flex!!!

BF: AHA!!! I am on the other mon ami!! Zese pesky swiss are no match for ze Black Falcon!!

D: Bring us up 200 feet, steer to a position behind the Wotansraven!!!

BVS: Concentrate your fire on ze enemy zeppelin!!!

CA: Excellent shooting jorge!!!

FB: Down in flames fancy shorts!

CD: Take that!

L: Oh boy!

D: Carmen! Lefty! What are you doing in a biplane??

CD: Did you honestly think i was going to stay behind drake?

D: That was my impression, yes.

CT: Well i never what a dame!

AM: Ha another one!

CT: Alexy you have one on your tail!!!

FB: Roll left!!

AM: I cant shake him!!

BF: I am coming!!!

(boom) AM: Too late! im hit im bailing out!!!

FB: Doesnt look like he made it. Now im really mad!!!! (long machine gun burst)

MW: I fear i must find a new checkers partner!!

BF: That is for alexy!!! (boom) and that is for hector! (boom)

FB: thats number three! what a day!

CD: That makes four for me

FB: Damn woman!!

JD: Got him!

D: good job johnny! How is the damage jeffries?

J: We seem to be holding out captain, but it looks like the wotansraven is taking a beating.

D: Carmen the enemy zeppelin is behind you!!

CD: Oh my!!

BVS: Have no fear madame!! I shall save you!! Direct all fire at that zeppelin!!!''

FB: Boom hahah!!! scratch one zeppelin!!!

D: Good shooting baron!

CD: Nice shot baron, must take some really steady hands for that (ref baron destroying zeppelin)

BVS: Dont mention it, my men are eager for more!!'

BF: Ze seem to have more reinforcements!!!

CA: Let them come!!! My men are ready for anything!!

FB: Bring it on!!!

MW: They have another zeppelin

JD: To the right!

JD: I think im going to need more ammunition!

MW: The enemy zeppelin is attacking the wotansraven!!

BVS: Captain daedalus!! I dont think my zeppelin can last much longer I am afraid this is the end my friend!

D: Nonsense!! Prepare to evacuate!!! Concentrate all your fire to port! Well come along your starboard side!!!

J: Were coming up on the germans fast!!

BVS: Men prepare to evacuate! Gunners fire to port!

D: Weve attached baron!

J: Captain wait, the cables! Theyre coming loose!!!

BVS: Hurry!! Theres no time! I cant maintain control much longer!!

CT: Theres another enemy flight approaching!! We dont have any time!!! were sitting ducks here!

BF: Ze pirates and I are on them!!

J: Captain weve reattached!

D: Baron! you can evacuate!!

BVS: Abandon the zeppelin! all crew to the pegasus!!!!

J: theyre on board sir!!

D: Excellent! Pull away from the wotansraven! shes going down! Hard to starboard, full speed ahead!

MW: The enemy zepplin is targeting us now!!!

FB: GO back to your powdered hot chocolate and your milkmaids you swiss bastards!!!!

D: Men the other zeppelin is coming along side us, things could get ugly

BF: I will avenge you hector!!!!

CT: What does the falcon think hes doing? hes diving into the enemy zeppelin!

FB: No freakin way!

(big explosion!!!)

JD: Captain daedalus, what happened?

D: The black falcon just rammed his plane into the enemy zeppelin! It just exploded!

JD: Oh no!

CT: tits and tragedy what a way to go out!

JD: Tits and tragedy indeed hes a hero!

FB: thats the last of em!

D: We did it men! Good job! Let us never forget Alexy and the Black Falcon!

CD: Uh, well that was quite fun

D: Carmen! youre safe! i was worried about you

CD: You always worry too much drake.

BVS: I must thank you for saving my crew and me! It is now i who owe you a debt of gratitude.

D: We couldnt have won without you baron

CD: baron how are you?

BVS: My men fought bravely, but not all made it. And of course my zeppelin is no more

CD: i saw that

D: Coyne do you still have the ring?

CD: Ring!?!

D: No, not that kind of ring. But, if you want to talk about that kind of ring, we can talk in my cabin? in 10 minutes

CD: Oh drake i thought youd never ask!

BVS: Love is such a beautiful thing

LS: Yes! the subject of my next editorial! Love is the answer! Love is all you need! Love! love! Love love love!

CT: Yes skip i do have, it. And i solved the cipher! I know where the treasure is!

JD: Well where is it??? or Where is it?? (ref treasure)

FB: Yea stop bush-beating!

CT: Its beating around the bush flex.

D: Just tell us coyne!

CT: its in toronto!

MW: well who would have guessed it?

JD: For adventure!

L: Oh boy!

As for you falcon, you will


Thursday, April 22, 2010

episode 7


(truck sounds)

DD: Stay sharp men, we are entering the city.

CT: Righto

FB: I cant wait, its been a while since Ive visited.

CT: Is that what you call it?

JD: So where exactly are we going captain?

DD: The Golden Jackal, it’s a cabaret, and a famous one.

JD: Whats a cabaret?

CT: Its like a sort of bar and theatre put together Johnny.

FB: Meh, its not that great. Just some fancy ladies singing and overpriced drinks.

CT: Ah yes, the classy Flex Brawnman strikes again.

DD: Im going to park a block or two away. Dirty trucks don’t usually just stop in front of high end establisments.

(truck stops, doors, street sounds)

DD: Ok lets go. Its down this street and around the corner.

CT: You know Daedalus, ive got to say. Your plan seems to be working right well.

DD: Ill wait to breathe easy til we are back at the Pegasus and out of turkey personally Coyne. By the way, did you make any progress on the ruby cipher?

CT: I did indeed. The treasure is in (somewhere). But I don’t know anything more, and that’s obviously a big area. Rather strange. Professor Voorderbloom said that the ring was the key, but I found that key in Nicaragua, its not even arab or Egyptian. So least I can figure, theres some sort of inscription or key to the ring too. I haven’t had any luck with that though.

D: well good work. Ask merriweather to help, he can maybe do some tests to see if theres more to that ring than meets the eye. Alright heres the Jackal.
Men, you know the drill. Keep your eyes peeled, don’t start any trouble, and flex, wait wheres flex?

CT: Tits and turks in Bleedin ‘ell. Did he take off?

JD: He was here a moment ago. Talking a real pretty lady on that street corner. She seemed real nice.

CT: You’ve got to be kidding me! We’ve been in Istanbul for fifteen minutes and Flex is already getting his d-

D: Dammit we don’t have time for this kind of thing! No use searching for him, we couldn’t find him even if we wanted too. Anything involving Flex in this town is bound to blow up sooner or later so lets get going. We need to find Carmen and get back to the zeppelin as soon as possible. Flex or no flex.

JD: Wait was she not a nice lady?

CT: She was too nice Johnny, always watch out for the nice ones.

D: Something Ill ask you to remember for the rest of the mission Coyne.

CT: Right. Got it.

JD: Ah here we are! The Golden Jackal.

(door opens)
(singing starts)

DD: Table for Four

Hostess: Ok Gentleman, come this way. (pause) Here is your table.

CT: Well the place hasn’t changed much over the years.

LS: Hey hey looky here! Its my zepplineer friends!

DD: Slade! What are you doing here??

LS: Just got back from Switzerland, hot on the trail of the black falcon. That guy sure is a smooth operator. Found out some interesting stuff in zurich tho.

JD: This sure is swanky looking place Coyne

CT: It is rather.

LS: That’s not the half of it Johnny! The Jackal is a well known establishment, its headlined some pretty famous performers.

CT: Yes, I’m sure you’ve witnessed some “stirring” performances over the years.

LS: Truer words never spoken Mr. Tarkington. Cabaret’s are a great place to pick up new leads.

CT: Im sure flex would agree

LS: Eh? Whats that?

CT: Nevermind

JD: Who’s that lady singing?

CT: That Johnny, is the woman of Drake Daedelus’s dreams,

JD: Oh wow! I’ve never had any dreams about girls before. I usually just dream about pirates and that time my parents died.

DD: Well slade, what did you

(singing stops)
Carmen: Excuse me boys, (cat calling) Excuse me boys, an old friend just walked in. I’ve got a bit of business to attend to (or other excuse)

(heels on marble floor)

JD: Oh no! she’s coming this way!

CT: Bloody hell here we go
(more heels)

Carmen: Why, my daring Captain Daedelus, it is quite brave of you to show your face here.

DD: Hello Carmen.

CD: To what do I owe this unexpected…pleasure

DD: Im not even sure where to start

LS: Lordy Daedalus! You didn’t tell me you knew this dame! Carmen Dehaviland! It’s a..a delight, an absolute delight to meet you!

DD: Ah yes, Carmen. This is lionel slade.

LS: Investigatory reporter for the Daily Sensation.

CD: Cavorting with reporters now are we drake? Tsk tsk youre a treat. Are you gonna keep staring coyne? I haven’t changed that much have i?

CT: Oh um, ello Carmen old girl! No no not a bit! As lovely as ever

JD: Ill say…

CD: Ha ha ha and who is this little fella? You have a woman I don’t know about drake?

CT: He wishes he, or um no of course not.
JD: Im Johnny Dangerfist! Boy Adventurer!

DD: And no, hes not mine Carmen.

CD: Suit yourself

LS: I still cant believe it, Carmen Dehaviland!

CD: Well mr slade, since youre so excited, why don’t you round us up a bottle of champagne?

LS: I would be delighted!

JD: Bring me some ovaltine please!

LS: You got it kid.

CD: So what are you doing in town drake? Must be something big if you brought snarky the brit here with you.

CT: unbelievable

DD: it just so happens that I wanted to see you.

CD: Sure you did, you always do.

DD: And I need your help.

CD: haha, as I said, you always do.

DD: I need to get my zeppelin into Germany. As you probably know Im in a race against baron von schmeck.

CD: you don’t think I follow your little games on the wireless any more do you? You always were so dashing, but you couldn’t sit and stay with me for more than a day or two. Gets tiresome after a while.

CT: You mean to tell me you haven’t a clue about the race going on?

CD: Don’t be fresh coyne. Of course I do. But you cant possibly expect me to want to help?

DD: Actually, I do. I need documents, maybe some uniforms, we have to get to munich. Johnny’s little brother was kidnapped and I intend to rescue him.

CD: Well well well, looks like drake daedalus still has the magic touch for getting into trouble. When did you get to Istanbul by the way? Did you come on the ferry from Greece?

CT: hahahaha Carmen id expect you to know drake better than that. You know hell never take a boat when he can fly. Although to be honest I thought he was crazy.

CD: Drake! You didn’t! You didn’t fly Pegasus into turkey did you??? You could have been killed!

LS: Heres that champagne.

CD: Just in time, fill me up mr slade.

LS: What a dame! I aint never seen someone down a glass like that.

CD: Thanks, give me another will ya?

JD: Did you get my ovaltine mr slade?

LS: sure thing kid, here you go, nice and cold!

DD: we don’t have much time Carmen. Can you help us or not?

CD: Well what do I get out of this?

DD: How bout I make up for never giving you that ring?

CT: Now just wait a minute skip

CD: You cant be serious drake. Don’t think it’s a tad late for that sort of thing?

DD: its got a ruby almost as big a johnny’s fist

CT: No no no! capn I haven’t done with it! You know it’s the key!


(I don't know where you're going here so i'm just going to interupt, but you could write more here if you wanted)

(sounds of a scuffle)

Hostess: But sir! We don't seat anyone without a reservation

Flex: Shut up! Get your damn hands off me! (rough growl) We gotta get going boys!

Johnny: Whats the hurry Mr. Brawnman?

Flex: No time to explain! Damn prostitues!

Coyne: Flex, please tell me you didn't actually....

Flex: Your damn right I did Coyne! Madam Habibi had it coming! Now grab your crap, we got a train to catch.

CD: Ah, Mr. Brawnman, I see your still up to your old...schenanegans?

Flex: Daedelus, you still got business with this Damn Devil Woman?

DD: Yes, Carmen (stress the name in contrast to woman) has documentation that will help us get into German

CD: I assure you Mr. Brawnman if you would allow me an hour I could create the necessary paperwork right here.

(assorted shouts outside from Turkish guards)

TG1: He went this way!
TG2: He won't get away this time
TG1: In here!


(woman yell of suprise)

CD: Put, me, down Mr. Brawnman!

DD: Flex Brawnman! Put down that woman!

JD: Mr. Brawnman!

FB: Now Johnny, this aint no way to treat a Dame, but desperate times call something or other

CT: Eloquently put Flex.

JD: OK, I think I get it.

FB: Now lets go!

DD: Hey's got a point men, I suppose the damage has been done, lets got a move on! But Flex,

FB: Yes Captain?

DD: Do be careful with her

FB: Do my best sir.

FB: Now quick! Into the alley!

(sound of door being kicked down, imagine risky business slide into alley)
(running sounds)
(dogs barking)
(police sirens)

CT: If we can make it through the plaza we should be get to the train depot undetected!

CD: (bouncing as if being carried) They'll barricade the plaza! We'll never make it through!

FB: Nonsense woman! That didn't stop the Crusades!

(dogs barking)
TG3: Stop! You are under arrest!

JD: Outta my way!
TG3: Owwww, my leg!

CT: Nice shot Johnny! Looks like your finally getting some use outta that revolver of yours!

JD: I just (pant pant) hope I (pant pant) didn't hurt him too bad

FB: Nonsense! Damn Chinamen had it coming!

DD: Watch out for the horses!

(horses rearing and neighing)

(gunshots and bullet whizzes)

(horses galloping on cobble stone)

CT: The cavalry are coming!

(more neighing)

TG1: I order you to stop on the authority of the royal Turkish Janisaries! You are under arrest for trespassing and -

FB: I know the charges!

(gun shots!)

TG2: And you Mr. Slade, you will come with me!

LS: What an exciting turn of events! I suppose I'll get to finish my expose on turkish prisons after all!

JD: Oh no! The cavalry have Mr. Slade in handcuffs!

CT: Well tits and torture! feel sorry for the old bloke but they're nothing we can do about it now!

(possibly swords clanging)

DD: Quick through the public baths!

JD: Whooo, I think we lost them.

CD: You can put me down now Mr. Brawnman.

FB: Ooops, sorry, completely forgot about that. Train depot should be right ahead.

(train crossing noises)

TG1: They're they are! After them!

JD: Well which train are going to catch Flex?

FB: We're headed due north. (pant pant) This blue one's leaving, hurry!

(train accelerating)

FB: Up you go

CD: ow!

DD: Hop on Johnny!

JD: I can't the train is going to fast!

(horse galloping sounds)

LS: Well I say Johnny! It looks like your in quite a pickle! Why don't you grab my hand!

JD: Thanks Mr. Slade ! (breathing hard) Wow, what an adventure!

(zepplein sounds)

BM (loud speaker) : Greetings gentlemen!

DD: Barnaby! However did you find us?

BM (loudspeaker): I used the RABPUSS to trace the trackopen I gave Johnny, quite ingenious if I do say so myself!

DD: Well lower the rope ladder and let us up already Alexis!

Alexis: Ay ay captain!

(Change of scene)

CT: Well it sure is nice to be back out of dangers way.

DD: No time to relax coyne, Jeffries! Set course for Munich!

J: Ay Ay Captain!

JD: One more thing Mr. Brawnman, why were the guards chasing you all this way?

FB: Well Johnny, women can make men do all sorts of funny things.

JD: Well, Mr. Tarkington, you didn't answer my question

FB: kid, I'll tell you when you're older.

Next time on Johnny Dangerfist

Heavy German: Passport!

(bad attempts at german all around)

Time for bed. Ugh.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Episode VI GO!

Scene 1: Featuring Johnny and Professor Meriweather

Johnny: Well how does it work professor?

Meriweather: Well you see Johnny, it emits pulses of a high frequency electromagnetic radio beam. The waves of this beam travel until they hit something then they bounce and are picked up by this receiver over here.

Johnny: Well that sure is neat professor, but how does it affect the Zeppelin?

Meriweather: An excellent query my boy. When we turn it on, we can see in the dark, or in fog or clouds. It lets us detect objects in our path, and we can tell how far away they are, the range essentially.

Johnny: Radio detection? range? Sounds complicated.

Meriweather: no no, its really quite simple. I call it Radio Beam Pulse Ultra Sight Scope. Or the RABPUSS.

Johnny: Um ok professor. So does it work?

M: Welll, no. Because Im missing some parts.

Daedelus : (loudspeaker) Johnny, Meriweather, come to the bridge.

Meriweather: Well Johnny, It seems our presence is requested by the captain.

Johnny: One more thing, Professor,

Meriweather: yes my boy?

JD: Did you ever finish that pen? the one for left-handed people? I was going to give it to lefty.

Meriweather: Of it is. I had completely forgotten about it. You might also find it useful in the tropics! I built in a small tracking device, and a barometer to it. Its incredibly practical. Especially if your brother is ever,...misplaced again. I call it the Trackopen.

JD: Golly gee professor, im sure Lefty will be thrilled. Thanks!

M: Any time johnny, I always enjoy working for an easily pleased customer.

(Running to Deck.)

Daedelus: How much progress have you made on the Ruby Coyne.

Coyne: I've finished translating most of the glyphs Captain but I'm going to need a cypher translate the rest, its some pretty archaic stuff.

Flex: Well do they say anything useful?

Coyne: Whoever engraved it was mostly just ranting about Gods and Ceremonies. but old voorderbloom obviously thought there was something important in these glyphs, and i intend to find it.

Flex: I never did care much for all that Chinamen hocus pocus.

Coyne: Good God Flex, we didn't even go to China.

Daedelus: I just hope you know what you're getting yourself into Coyne.

(door opens)

Johnny: Good afternoon Captain!

Meriweather: Hello to one and all!

Daedelus: How is that device coming along Meriweather?

Meriweather: You mean the RABPUSS? I've been making great progress captain. But i'll need a tungsten antenna as well as a twelve megawatt power source.

Daedelus: The RABPUSS is crucial is we're going to fly into Turkey. We are mostly likely going to have to run the blockade at night.

Coyne: You can't be serious Daedelus, there is no way you think we'll be able to drag this old bag across the bleeding turkish border. The Zepplin itself is a huge target and we've only got three biplanes.

Johnny: Are we going to be seeing more pirates Captain?

Daedelus: I wouldn't bank on seeing any more pirates Johnny. The Turkish border police are notoriously intolerant of such characters. They keep a pretty close watch on their border so the risks are more than pirates want to take. But we dont have a choice.

Coyne: Um yes we do.

FB: NO we dont coyne! There are matters of.... incomprehensible preponderance.. in Istanbul.

CT: Im not even sure if you know what those words mean Flex.

FB: Thats prepostulant Coyne, dont be aburd.

JD: Im pretty sure thats not a word mr brawnman

CT: and im definitely sure

D: ENOUGH Moving right along, as usual.

JD: I have a question!

Daedelus: Yes Johnny?

Johnny: Any word on Lefty?

Dadelus: Well the note from the Black Falcon said " Captain Daedalus, do not go to Germany, it is a trap. Also, desist from your search for the man you knew as Jacques Laroche. He is dead, you will not find him. "

Johnny: (scared) so are we really not going to go to Germany? what about my brother!!?!?

Flex: Well of course we're still going to Germany, and we're not going to stop on account of some dirty, mask wearing, croissant eating frenchie

Coyne: Wait, what did you just say?

FB: I said he was a mask wearing croissant eating

Coyne: NO No the last bit of the note

D: desist from your search for the man you knew as jacques laroche. He is dead, you will not find him.

C: Thats well odd, i never heard he died. although I remember him telling me, when I last saw him in cairo, a year ago back abouts, that there had been several attempts on his life.

FB: Why would anyone want to kill Jacques?? Poor kid. He was the only one to survive from the Hyperion explosion wasnt he? talk about being dealt a rough hand.

D: The Hyperion, of course. Thats exactly why someone would want to kill jacques. because just as you said Flex. he WAS the only the survivor.

C: I dont follow you Daedalus. Its well known fact that the Hyperion's reactor failed. Although there are some who still suspect Baron von Schmeck had something to do with it. Do you think Jacques knew something? Do you the Baron was trying, and eventually succeeded, in killing him?

D: No Coyne. At least not according to the Falcon. When we met in Bombay he told me that the Hyperion explosion wasnt accidental reactor failure, it was sabotage. And it was the Firm behind it, not von Schmeck. If anyone wanted Jacques dead, it would be the Firm.

M: So if i understand you clearly daedalus, youre saying that the world famous gentlemens' betting club, known as the Firm, killed jacques.

D: Thats exactly what im saying.

FB: It just goes to show you, you cant trust anyone these days, not hun bastards, not masked bastards, and NOT CHINAMEN

C: Well then its bloody well we came to cairo, partially because there are chinamen here, but mostly because i for one want to ask some questions and get some answers. I know some of the places that Jacques used to hang around, that would be a good place to start our inquiries. ill drop by his old lodgings as well. here are some addresses.

D: speaking of inquiries, we still have another problem. We obviously wont have jacques with us, so we need to find another escort to help us get into instanbul. we need some sort of mercenary type, im sure coyne can help us there too.

FB: Well arent we useful today?

C: Im sure if you visit the places on that list, you'll find the type youre looking for.

D: excellent.

JD: more scumbag friends mr tarkington?

C: something like that johnny.

Jeffries: Cairo is ten miles off the starboard side captain!

Daedelus: Prepare for landing!

Jeffries: ay ay Captain!

(zeppelin landing sounds)

Daedelus: All right crew, its time to split up. Winters I'm going to need you to go with Meriweather to procure the necessary materials for the RABPUSS.

Winters: ay ay captain

Meriweather: most excellent

Daedlus: Flex, Johnny, I'm going to need you to come with me. We need to find out what we can about Jacques. Coyne gave me some addresses. and coyne, you are going on that search for the cipher right?

C: quite right. and ill be on the wrong side of the sphinx's tits if my errand isnt successful

FB: Lets go find us a dead guy.

JD: Wow, sounds like an adventure!

Flex: Damn straight. Lets get a move on kid.

First Ovaltine Commercial Perhaps.

The tale of Sir Daedlus, Sir Dangerfist, and Sir Brawnmen

D: This is the first address, coyne said it was a pretty classy establishment, so id say we better keep our eyes open.

FB: sounds fun to me.

(door opens bar etc)

D: barman, we'll take three ovaltines please

BM: sure thing

JD: ah, my favorite, ice cold ovaltine, (the drink of a true boy adventurer)

FB: Are you serious capn? Ovaltine? do i look like a "boy adventurer" to you??

JD: hey!

FB: No offense johnny, but seriously captain

D: Flex, we need our wits about us, and i dont need you starting any small wars like youve been known to do.

FB: fine

D: Barman

BM: what can i help you with?

D: we're looking some pilots who dont ask too many questions.

CA Daedlus, fancy meeting you here. captain arruba at your service. I have some pilots that dont ask "too many questions"

Johnny: Oh no! hes a Brazilian Sky Pirate!

Flex: (growl) Arruda, I though I shot your ass down over the south china sea. Don't worry Johnny, he wouldn't dare pull anything here.

CA: Tsk tsk mr brawnman, such a temper. This is hardly the type of establishment for such things. Now captain, what kind job do you have?

D: escort duty. were making a run into turkey.

CA: (portuguese exclamation)!!!! You are crazy daedalus. but it just so happens, so am i. We might be willing to offer you our services if you wouldn't mind transporting.....a certain...cargo in your zeppelin.

Johnny: (whispered to Daedlus) Are we really going to hire Pirates Captain? Aren't they bad guys

Daedelus: They're opportunists Johnny, as long as we pay the right price they shouldn't give us any trouble.

Flex: (whispered to Daedlus) : I don't trust these Damn macacos, Daedelus,

Daedelus: Well I don't think we'll have much of a choice Flex,

Daedlus: Alright Arruda, but whats in the box.

Arruda: if i intend to tell you, then i would have told you

Daedlus: very well. We leave at sunset. i hope you like flying in the dark

Arruda: but of course. But now we drink like kings! Ovaltine for everyone!

Pirates: Arrrrr!!!!

FB: Here johnny, you can have my ovaltine
(back at the zeppelin)

D:all round a successful mission gentlemen. did you get the materials for the RABPUSS merriweather?

M: We did indeed captain, the device is all systems go!

D: good. How bout you coyne?

C: Well, someone had already cleaned out jacques apartment. i didnt find anything, pretty suspicious if you ask me. as for the cipher, i managed to track it down. ill can explain the rest later.

CA: Captain! we are here! here is the box

JD: That sure is a big box!

CA: not too big i hope?

D: No, we'll put it in the hangar bay.

CA: excellente! (in portaguese) we are ready when you are. I brought ten of my best men.

D: well then lets get this show on the road.

(zeppelin/plane takeoff/)

D(I): We are approaching turkish airspace, man the biplanes!

W (i) aye aye captain. (NI) alexy and flex, your planes are ready

A: za zdroviya!

FB: yea! good vodka alexy, sure beats the hell out of ovaltine. now lets go get some chinamen!

D(i): all turrets call in

M (i):johnny here, belly turret

C (I): Coyne here, top turret

M (I): barnaby here, the RABPUSS is up and running, im detecting a gap in the defenses!! turn 10 degrees right and maintain that heading for 15 miles

D(I) Thanks barnaby,

A(I): plane 1 away

FB(i): plane 2 away

CA: My men are ready to fight to lions!

D(I): roger that, here we go. remember everyone, keep pushing north.

B(I): they have detected us! they are shooting anti aircraft fire! and i see 10 enemy planes inbound on the RABPUSS!!


JD(I): i think i got one!!!!

A(I) molodets mr dangerfist!

CT: Theres two coming in from the right!!!!

D: How are things going out there arruba?

CA: my companheiros are fighting gloriously captain!!!!

D: We are almost through

FB: HAH!!! Down in flames you ottoman bastards!!! run back to your whore mothers!

JD: There is another one coming in

C: I got him i got him

(gratuitious portoguese)
D: not everyone at once, i cant understand anything.

B: we seem to be past the ground defenses! only one small flight of airplanes left!

D: Heres our chance, we need to land in the mountains. there is a small aerodrome i know. we are almost there.

JD: Im going to get more ammunition from the hangar bay

(running steps, muffled gunfire etc)

JD: what are you doing mr winters??

W: Im just fixing this box, one side came open during the fight. it took eight, eight nails.

JD: Umm ok, mr winters. whats that?

W: Oh, it is nothing, just a spare part for the a biplane.

JD: is that from the box?

W: No, no of course not. it must have slid from its place.

CT(I) Johnny, where are you?? i need more ammunition.

JD: i gotta go mr winters.

W: right, be be careful little dangerfist

(gunfire chatter dying down)

B: Thats the last of them down.

D: lets get down on the deck.

CA: We will follow you in.

A: Flex and I are back on board. slava bogu!!

FB: what a great night, i havnt had this much fun since the last time i was in turkey!

CT: And we all know how that turned out.

D: Welcome to Turkey lads, looks like we made it.

CA: Not all of us made it though captain. I have lost four of my men. They fought like lions, but they died, like men.

D: Well I suppose that I'd better get your package back to you then, Captain.

CA: But of course!

Johnny: Well I guess its too bad that we never found out anything about Jacques in Cairo Captain...

CA: Daedelus, is this Jacques you speak of Jacques laroche (whatever)?

DD: He was indeed.

CA: Were you a friend of his?

DD: He was the closest friend of my dead son. Some said they were like brothers.

CA: Well, then..... I suppose, since we have fought side by side, perhaps you should know. I will tell you a secret. I was paid to killed Jacques in India one year ago. But I did not! He shot down six of my best men, but I could never kill a man who fought with such....such...courage and valor.

DD: Does anyone else know of Jacques survival?

CA: Claro que não! It was his wish that I report him dead to my....como se diz....cliente. And I was bound by my honor to comply.

DD: And who was this client of yours?

CA: Ah captain Daedelus, you ask many difficult questions! This I do not know, this man, he did not speak me his name. I know only that he paid well, very well, and in Swiss Franks!

DD: Thank you Captain Accaba. Winters should have the package unloaded soon.

Winters: Here is your box Captain! One, one box.

(Engines starting)

CA: Captain Daedelus! We will meet again, and soon!

(biplanes flying into the night)

CT: Those Brazilians sure are a quirky bunch.

JD: They sure are!

CT: Any thoughts on how to get into Istanbul Daedelus?

DD: We take a truck. We'll leave Jeffries and Alexis to watch the Zeppelin. Everyone else is coming to Istanbul.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Episode VI


1) Slades article- greatly exaggerated
--b) Sensationalized
--c) "Zepplineers fight off hundreds if not thousands of bedouins"
--d Something about the Black Falcon and Swiss banking conglomerate
--e) Bettington shows up
--f) Look for Jacque
--g) Merriweather
--h) Merriweather needs to outfit the zeppelin to run the blockade, and this poses....problems
--k) run the blockade

Story outline
1) conversations on zeppelin
--1a) talk about the note
--1b) talk about finding Jacque
--1c) talk about running blockade into Turkey
--1d) talk about finding Carmen
--1e) land in Cairo
2) Cairo

3) Lets split up gang

4) Group alpha- Meriweather- going to armor plating the zeppelin for flak
--4a) go to a bank to withdraw funds
--4b) run into Bettington on the phone doing dubious business over the phone

5) Group beta - looking for information on Jacques- Daedelus

Friday, March 26, 2010

Series intro

First things first
3 things from episode 5 need to be redone

1) Battle yelling
2) Arabic whispering
3) Next time

Newsman into voice

The year was 1923,
The charleston was in full swing and radio was all the craze!
Americans would turn in every night to catch up on radio serials! music! and all the latest news!
It was a simpler time, an exciting time, with all eyes toward the future!
With science on the brink of new discovery, and countries on the brink of new wars.
Since the Serbians had given in to the Austrian ultimatum in 1914, diffusing a potential world war,
the world powers remained on icy diplomatic terms, ready to heat up at a moments notice.
The foremost of this new technology, Atomic Zeppelins, dominated the skies. Travel, leisure, and commerce were all expanded in this world of new lighter than air travel.
Zeppelins, majestic yet practical, seemed to be the solutions to all the ills of ages past, and yet, intrigue was afoot!
Zeppelin racing! A popular and dangerous pastime were often flash-points of political intrigue.
Indeed, The world was never more than one zeppelin meltdown away from a brutal modern war.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Episode 1

In the annals zeppelin racing, there are few incidents as famous as the Atomic Age Zeppelin Race between the Pegasusand Wotansraven. Coincidentally, there are few boy adventurers as famous as Johnny Dangerfist, or as pathetic as his brother Lefty. The race, which spanned most of globe and the greater part of a fortnight, has been hailed as a triumph of our time and as one of the worst potential disasters of the modern era. There is little doubt that the careers of the great Captain Drake Daedalus or his nemesis, Baron Siegfried von Schmeck, would have been extremely different, and most probably much more boring, had they not undertaken this competition. Johnny and Lefty Dangerfist, next to Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn, Calvin and Hobbes, and Vladimir and Estragon seem to the casual eye to be unsuspecting heroes. It is sometimes impressive how observant the casual eye can be…

Johnny: Don't touch that Lefty, you might get killed!
Lefty: Well golly gee Johny, I was just try to help.
Johnny: Well don't, you know your left handed, don't you remember what happened at the textile factory!
Lefty: Gee johnny I wish I was almost twelve.
Johnny: Well your not, your only nine.

Jeffries: The mooring line is secure Captain Daedelus! Ready to debark to the Ed-derigible!
Captain Drake Daedelus: Thank you Jeffries. Johnny, we're going to be docked at the Ed-dirigible for the next three hours. You and Lefty go aboard and get some food, try not to get into too much trouble. And I don't want you bringing back any more of that damn bubble gum onto my zeppelin, we see more than enough Pterodactyls as it is.
Johnny: Aye Aye Captain! Lets go Lefty.
(steps, door opens)

Narator:Johnny headed down the gangplank in search of swashbuckling adventure. Lefty followed, on the lookout for soda and bubble gum.
As the brothers stomped down the bridge toward the flight deck they noticed the fins of a black Zeppelin with silver trim protruding omionously from behind the Ed-derigible.

Look Johnny! A slingshot!
Right there, in the store window.
Oh golly gee Lefty, I've always wanted a sling slot.
Me too! Maybe they'll have one for left handed people.
(Hearty chuckle) Yes and perhaps one day there will be schools for left handed people as well. Lets go look at the slingshot.
(door opens)
Oh wow! a real Kevin Carnagie Slingshot, i saw one of these in the Sears Catalogue! I'm going to buy it! (cash register sound)
L: Can I have some money to buy this bubble gum?
J: No Lefty. Lets got get some soda pop.

Music getting louder, Door opens
Bartender: What can I do for you boys?
Johhny: We'll have two cream sodas please!
Bartender: Coming right up boys, take a seat.
Waitress (New Yorker): Hello there gentleman, you two order a coupla root beers
JD: This isn't my soda!

Klaus: Zat is because it is mine!

JD: Who the hell are you?

Klaus: Some call me Klaus, The Boy Nemesis

Dieter: Everyone calls you Klaus

K: Shut up Dieter! And you, boy, give me my soda.

JD: Not if Kevin Carnagie has anything to say about it (Rubber Band sound)

K: Give me the soda boy. I have killed for less (Revolver Sound)

JD: Like what?

K: Marbles, chewing gum, this raven (CaCaw sound), I killed its parents.

BVS: Klaus! What have I told you about pulling your revolver in soda fountains!

K: Ze boy pulled his slingshot!

JD: Not just any slingshot! A real Kevin Carnagie!

BVS: (said slowly, very intentionally) What is your name, boy?

JD: Johnny Dangerfist, Boy Adventurer!

BVS: This boy has found disfavor vis me, shoot him Klaus

Daedelus: Ah, I see you’ve met Baron Zigfried von Schmeck

Baron: I vant zat boy’z head Daedelus.

D: Well You cant have it. I have a better plan – A race, Baron. You have wanted one for years now. Here’s your chance. Once and for all, the best zeppelin in the skies.

B: Hah! Ze great Drake Daedelus finally vants a race? Dumbkopf! (mumbling in Germanish)

Klaus: Perhaps Dadedlus vould be vize to learn from ze mistakes of his father. (Hearty chuckle from his crew)...or prehaps from ze mistakes of his son...his dead son, ya.

(gasp followed by silence)

D: The race will be from San Francisco to New York

B: Pazetic, we could be zere by noon.

D: Longways.

(crowd gasps)

B: Verdammt, you really vant zis race don’t you Daedelus? Fine, around ze vorld. Winner get’s ze other’s zeppelin no?

D: Agreed.

B: And ven does it start?

Door Slams

Sir Arnold Bettington: When I say so gentlemen.

Baron: Who iz zis bastard?

D: This "bastard" is Sir Arnold Beddington

Bettington: Thats Bettington Daedelus.

D: Whatever, which means that our race is now registered with "The Firm."

Btton: Hello Daedelus. I was informed there is a race to take place? You know the Firm handles all such matters. A race without bets is hardly a race. It’s a thing of honor old boy, something your father probably didn't teach you about, before he died, tragically.

B: Ah yes, ze infamous french alps explosion.

D: Shut it shmeck. Fine, you can have little game Sir Beddington, But the destinations stay the same.

Btton: And so the hand it dealt.

B: And ven do ve begin? My crew is eager to see New York (chuckles maliciously)

Btton: Tomorrow. 5pm. Treasure Island Zeppelin Port.

Both captains: Agreed.

D: Cmon Johnny, grab that brother of yours and lets get back to Pegasus.
Johnny: We’re havin’ a race? Oh boy! Are we going to win?
D: Only if you stop causing trouble.

B: Vat are you looking at?

B: I was just wondering, Barron, care for a game of whist?

(Door opens, misc steps…another door, sounds of zeppelin)
D: Jeffries! Prepare for cast off! Set course for San Francisco!


Narrator: The news of the race spread quickly. Bettington wired "the Firm" and soon its members worldwide were gathering to place their bets. In the few hours it took Pegasus to get to San Francisco, the city had been informed of the next day's excitement. The Wotansraven was well known to be Germany's fastest zeppelin, and Baron von Schmeck and his crew were equally well known. It was also suspected that they acted as freelance agents for Berlin. The world of zeppelin intrigue was in full swing.

***Consider replacing with a newsboy, would love to have Brian do it***
NB: "American zeppelin crew faces off with the Kaiser's finest!

Jeffries: Captain! San Francisco 10 degrees off the port bow, 5 miles out. Wind's from the west as usual, sir!

D: Thank you Jeffries. Secure that line! Watch out for gusts as we approach "the Slot."

Misc crewmember: "Aye aye captain"

J: Wow San Francisco! Ive never seen it! Look Lefty!

L: woooah

Jeffries: 50 feet and falling sir.

D: Excellent, secure the port side.

MCM: Secure!

D: Starboard side!

MCM: Secure!

D: Welcome to San Francisco lads.

(doors opening, props dying, general chatter)

J: Are we going into town?

D:I am going into town, YOU are staying on the zeppelin with Lefty and Jeffries.

J: Ah shucks!

(Planes/zeppelins in the background, steps come up)

Tarkington: 'Ello Daedalus. Heard you got yourself in a bit of a scrape with a bloody Hun. The Damn Kaiser's got his whole bloody army going tits ta mockers about the whole tea kettle you brewed over Denver, proper bag'a wank ya' ask me.

Daedalus: Mr. Coyne Tarkington, to what do I owe the pleasure?

T: Oh the usual, I just happened to be in the area selling some priceless mummified Siamese; Ming Dynasty, terribly rare these days. Acquired these ones near Shanghai. Ming Dao the Second seemed eager to be rid of them. It was either me or the communists.

D: I can't imagine how you persuaded him.

T: Oh you know, the usual, my trusty shovel made him a deal he couldnt refuse. Hehe it reminds of this one incident in the Suez in '93. Damn Bedouin wouldnt...

D: Yes, thank you Coyne, I recall the story.

T: Right... Speaking of incidents, Flex Brawnmans here. Got in a fight with a grizzly at the zoo this morning. Poor bear, never saw 'im coming....

D: Well I need him Coyne, von Schmeck isnt schmucking around. He means business.

T: The great Drake Daedelus is rounding up the old crew again eh?, just like old times! I know where we can find Brawnman, and last I heard Merryweather was making steam-powered-Jet-copters for the Japanese.

D: And we'll need Calvin if we're going to fly over the pyranese.

T: I haven't heard anything since the sky pirate incident in India. I snooped around a bit but the trail goes cold in Istanbul...the winds are changing Daedelus, nowadays, nobody flies over turkey except the Turks.

D: If I cared about the bloody wind I would buy a Cod Damn sailboat Tarkington. We'll fly over Turkey, and I'll do it with a Cod Damn frenchman in the cockpit if I have to.

T: You crazy son of a bitch Daedelus! (prehaps change to cockney or something else) Well, I say, its about time we stepped out for some tea. Shall we?

D: Lets go.

(clock ticking)
J: Im bored.
L: They've only been gone 5 minutes Johnny. Want some bubblegum?
J: Whered you get that bubblegum Lefty?
L: My pocket.
J: Captain Daedalus told us not bring any back to the zeppelin.
L: Oh yea.
J:They've been gone an awful long time. Should we go look for them? Maybe they need us? Klaus wouldnt have stayed at the zeppelin. Lets go after them.
L: Johnny, Captain Daedalus told us to stay here.
J: Yea, but he didnt tell what to do in an emergency Lefty. Besides, I'm a boy adventurer, what could possibly go wrong?
L: Should we tell Jeffries?
J: No, he said he didn't want to be distrubed while he's fixing the boiler. He sure does spend a lot of time fixing that boiler. Lets go Lefty, for Adventure!
Lefty: Oh Boy!

(busy street noises, car horns, people talking)

KR: hello boys, fancy for a game of whist?

Johnny: Do I ever!
Lefty: (whispering) Johnny, I don't know about all this. That man is really scary and that alley is awful dark.
Johnny: Oh come on lefty, stop being such a weenie.
Lefty: I am not a weenie! I want to play whist.

(sound of cards shuffling)

KR: You know the rules gentlemen, what's the wager?

Johnny: One Timothy Carnagie slingshot

KR: I'll match that for ten dollars, and how about you little man?
Lefty: I'll bet my shoes!
Johnny: (whispering) Lefty, you can't bet your shoes. Pops had them made special for your stupid pigeon feet.
Lefty: (resolutely) I bet my shoes!

(card shuffling sound)

KR: Well I guess thats the way the cards fall gentlemen. I guess I'll be taking the slingshot and the shoes.
JD: You'll never get away with this! Captain Daedelus will stop you!
FB: Did somebody say Daedelus?
KR: Who...who...who...the hell are you?
FB: Flex Brawnman, but you can call me "the Duke." You crossed a line Kenny, a mans gotta sink pretty low take shoes from crippled child. Makes my blood boil. (Knuckles crack)
KR: Oh no! There must be some mistake.
FB: Thats right, and you're the one who made it. Boys, I want you to close your eyes for a while, this ain't gonna be pretty.

(City sounds)

Jeffries: They must'uv run off while I was working on the boiler, Captain, those kids are a whole mess a trouble.
Daedelus: Tarkington, you know this city, where could they have gone?
Tarkington: I think I have an idea, but its tits over apples Daedelus.

FB: DAEDELUS! Haven't seen you in years you old son of a bitch.
D: Flex?
FB: Yah, Johnny and Lefty were just catching me up on the race, weren't you boys?
D: Oh yah, thats right captain.

JD: I'm real sorry a wandered off captain.
DD: haHA! (said like 'Hark!' not laughter) You've got good instincts boy, and you would hardly be a boy adventurer if you didn't follow them. You and your brother are like the "son who didn't die that I never had" ('aaaaawe' sound effect)...

Loudspeaker: Zepellin's to the starting line. At your mark. Go!

D: Full speed ahead crew! I want to see Hawaii on the horizon by dawn!
The crew collectively: Aye Aye Captain!

Next time on Johnny Dangerfist! The typhoon over Honalulu!
(storm music)
D: Gusts from the east! Tighten the jib!
JD: Are we gonna make it?
BM: (Heavy scottish) Betsy may be old but she's sassy!