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episode 8, germany


Their daring and dangerous escape from Istanbul complete our heroes sped north towards Munich the rescue of Lefty foremost on their minds. The rendezvous with Wally McBruce was supposed to take place in the next 24 hours, and the border control of Germany was very strict. Carmen had set about the improvising of disguises and paperwork for the crew, but at best Captain Daedalus had a very tenuous plan. Lefty’s fate would soon be decided by the brave actions of our heroes.

Scene 1, Tale of Madam Dehavile

Carmen: Johnny, you've got to sit still if you want me to take your measurements

Johnny: But sitting still is sooo hard.

Carmen: I often have that effect on men, just not usually of your stature

Johnny: You sure are good at Stiches Ms. Dehavile.

Carmen: (soft laugh) well yes Johnny, I've certainly sewed more than my share of uniforms. Drake always had quite a talent for getting his torn up.

Johnny: Was Captain Daedelus ever in the army?

Carmen: (another laugh): good heavens no! Drake always was far too much of free spirit, had a habit for stirring up world-wide political catastrophes. But back in the day he did make the men on his ship wear uniforms, kept the men in line.

Johnny: Well I'll just be glad once I get to take off this german uniform, i think it's aweful uncomfortable.

Carmen: Well I think it makes you look quite hansom.

Johnny: Do you really think so?

Carmen: I do indeed. Now lets go give the uniforms to the rest of the crew.


DD: Is everything ready for the german boarder?

CT: I think so cap, Carmen did a bangup job on those papers, I've never seen such good fakes and i've been in smugglin for thirty years!

FB: Yah? Well it took her long enough. Sooner she gets off the zeppelin the better.

CT: What (Stressed, exasperated) is your issue with this woman, Flex, she's been nothing but a joy to everyone on board. And you know that I had my doubts to say the least.

FB: She's got to go, Coyne! No women, and no chinamen! Its the first rule.

CT: Seriously Flex, if I had a dime for everytime...

DD: He's absolutely right Coyne, she's got to go.

CT: What? I think that of all people you would understand.

DD: Right now its far too dangerous for her to be here. There is intrigue afoot and I could never forgive myself if anything happened to her

LS: No indeed, can you imagine the press coverage? The world wound be devastated!

D: Slade….
(segue into intrigue)

J: We’re coming up fast on the German border captain!


D: Crew, prepare to enact operation Lefty!

MW: Captain captain! There is a zeppelin approaching from the port quarter according to the RABPUSS!

D: Very well, Coyne keep a good eye out for visual contact.

CT: Righto skip.

FB: Better not be those damned huns already. I haven’t put on my fancy pants lederhosen crap yet.

JD: But that’s not lederhosen! It’s a german air officer uniform!

FB: same difference kid.

® BVS: My good captain daedalus! A pleasant day to you sir. Do my eyes deceive me or are you trying to enter Germany?

® D: Baron! We are in the process of rescuing lefty according to our previously discussed arrangements. How goes the search for Dieter?

® BVS: We are heading to Marseilles soon. But here comes the border patrol, I shall try to help you presently.

Border patrol: (R) Achtung zeppelin Eins eins null sieben dies ist der deutsche Grenzkontrolle. Bitte halt und bereiten Sie sich zur an Bord überprüfung.

D: (R) (Crappy german accent) Ja wohl grenz kontrol (NR) Prepare for boarding crew, stay calm. Wheres Carmen?

CD: Right here Drake, don’t you worry about me. I am the least of your problems.

FB: Durned Huns…

CT: They are boarding us now.

BG: Guten Tag herr kapitan. Kann ich ihre papiere sehen bitte?

D: Umm ja, natrullick. Hier.

BG: Hmmm, diese Papiere sind alle in Ordnung, aber sind Sie? Perhaps zis conversation would be better in English ja?

D: Ich spreche kein English.

BG: Come now, kapitan. Enough of ze games. I have no time. Should I question your crew? With zer impeccable uniforms, ze must surely have impeccable deutsch oder?

FB: Du hast keine Freundin!

BG: Na ja, your mate has it here correct, i have no girlfriend at ze moment. So..vat shall we

MW: Captain !

BVS: Was ist hier los!!! Wer bist du???

BG: Ich bin der Grenzsoldat…und wer sind Sie?

BVS: This is outrageous! I am Baron von Schmeck! These are my friends. That is the famous singer, Carmen DeHaviland! She has an audience waiting in Munich and you are just bumbling along here?? You must immediately allow them through!

Das ist ünerhort!!! Ich bin Graf von Schmeck! Die sind meine freunden! Die ist die berühmte Sängerin Carmen DeHaviland!!! Sie hat ein Publikum das wartet auf ihr in München!!! Du wirdst sofort uns zu passiern lassen!

BG: But, but, that does not work they are not
Ja aber das geht nicht ! sie sind nicht die

BVS: Do you not believe me? Where is your officer? I will speak with him immediately!
I will have you shot, and then relieved of your post and then shot again!!

Glaubst du mir nicht?!? Wer und wo ist deiner Offizier! Ich werde jetzt mit ihm sprechen! Das ist absurd, ich werde sofort eine Beschwerde-Datei mit dem Ministerium Grenze!!!

BG: Yes. Yes sir! Right, right away Herr Baron. Excuse me, im im sorry, right away, immediately!!!

Ja! Jawohl Herr Graf. Entschuldigung, es tut mir leid, sofort sofort! (runs off)

BVS: Welcome to mein wunderbarisches Deutschland my friends!

CD: That was a marvelous performance baron! We certainly owe you a debt of gratitude!

D: thanks baron. I don’t think that was going well.

BVS: Despite some very impressive efforts on your part. Look at the boy! His uniform is simply marvelous! Your work I presume madame? The famous Carmen dehaviland is most..resourceful ja?

CD: You are too kind baron, and such a dashing uniform yourself, its no wonder ive heard such things from some of my singer friends. My Mimi in Paris said that

D: Yea well I think that’s umm, enough for now, we have to find Lefty. We’re nearly at munich.

BVS: Yes yes, but of course. I shall return to Wotansraven, but please allow me to accompany you to munich, it is my home city, something I do not you knew.

FB: Well just goes to show you you learn something new everyday (belligerent tone)

BVS: Ah, ze ever charming Flex Brawnman, I do always appreciate your levity in such situations.

D: Can you help us get lefty?

BVS: Indeed I think I can, and ve have very important information to discuss regarding ze firm and zat French character the Black Falcon. Shall we meet at, say 9 o clock for dinner? My residenz is just outside the city. It should be easy to find. And captain, I hazard you shall find the police force of munich more, accommodating, than that of Istanbul.

CD: You are too kind baron.

BVS: Nonsense, such beauty must be properly entertained in Germany! Let not my country be given a bad name!

D: Great, well uh lets go then. See you later baron.

BVS: Til dinner all!

CT: Well that was something of a surprise! Whats gotten into him?

FB: Its that durned woman again.

CT: I did tell you she has a “knack” for things like this didn’t I Skip?

D: As if I didn’t know it.

CD: Come now boys, don’t be jealous of the baron. Hes a peach, he just saved us! I for one, am very grateful (slightly sultry).

D: Well please restrict your expression of that gratitude to a few words of thanks. Prepare to land!

(zeppelin landing sounds)

D: And now to the Paulaner complex!!

CT: The brewery? That’s the best news ive heard all day!

LS: Marvelous! They have world renowned beer! I must add them to my cultural report!

FB: Things are certainly looking scrum,licious

CT: Flex, its either delicious, or scrum

D: We don’t have time. Cmon. Carmen, you stay here!

CD: Oh sure, and miss all the fun?

D: Carmen!

CD: Fine

D: its only for your own safety.

(Truck drives off)

D: Here we are. Heres the plan. Flex, Johnny. You sneak in through the back, be careful the place is probably well guarded. Coyne, you and Slade will come with me.

CD: What about me?

D: WHAT?!? How did Carmen get here?

CT: Skip, she just asked so nicely to be sneaked on the truck with us.

FB: Damnit coyne! Youre a complete failure

CT: Istanbul flex, Istanbul….

FB: That is completely different!

D: Whatever, Carmen you come with me too. Stay close.

CD: Of course I will.

JD: For Lefty!

All: For Lefty!!

(door slams open)

WB: Well ello their mates. Look what the cat dragged in. Miyo miyo dug yourself up a right bit o woman there captain!

D: Where’s Lefty Wally?

WB: I'm glad ta see ya come alone. Coyne, its been a while.

CT: Not long enough if ya ask me.

WB: Word on the street is that you've been poking your nose around the old professor again. How's he doing Coyne?

CT: Old vordebloom is doing...interestingly?

WB: Cut the crap Coyne, I know 'ey gave you Eye. You always were the teachers pet.

CT: And you were always evil.

WB: Give me single reason why i shouldn't kill you right here. I know you've got the eye and ring on your person, and you know i've got no hesitations about taking valuables off a dead body. It almost seems fitting.

CT: It won't do you any good, I destroyed the cipher. Without it the ruby is just a ruby.

WB: Ha! You’ve finally learned how to bargain.

CT: Where’s the kid??

WB: Well…I don’t have him. Not without the ring and ruby, mate. If nothing else they’ll fetch a fine price alone.

(door opens again)

WB: Well ello their mates. Look what the cat dragged in. Miyo miyo dug yourself up a right bit o woman there captain! I see you weren’t alone after all coyne. How disappointing

D: Where’s Lefty Wally?

FB: We took out a few guards. Oh and that “big guy” of yours mcbruce? Pretty puny. Nice try though.

WB: I don’t believe you.

FB: That’s what I thought you’d say. So I brought scalps.

D: Wally, the game is up. Weve got you cornered. Give us the kid.

WB: Oh im just stalling for time. Theres bigger and boomier things afoot good captain, on your zeppelin. My my she is a looker though. She seems familiar. Have we met love?

CD: stay away from me creep. Drake, don’t let him near me!

D: You don’t even have to ask.

WB: temper temper, I doubt shes your type there skiperoo, a lot to handle I imagine. That’s it! A singer right? Carmen dahaviland! That’s it, youre a saucy one love.

LS: How dare you call her saucy! She’s a fine lady you, you miscreant!

WB: Tut, even the press is ere, bloody ell.

JD: Wheres my brother!

FB: Ill go search more of the building! Cmon slade.

SL: The plot thickens!

WB (getting desperate): You’ll never find him! Wheres my ruby? Wheres the damn ring coyne!?! We had a deal! Eat lead, or start handing over some jewelry (gun cocks)

CT: You stole a kid, you low down, son of a jackal. Id shoot you now but

JD: You cant because I will! (guns go off)

WB: You shot me johnny! My leg!

CT: And you tried to shoot me you bastard. Missed by inches.

D: Get his gun. You wont die bruce, but that’s enough to serve as a warning. You’re mixing with the wrong characters. The Firm will betray you anways.

WB: Ha! What little you know, I just hope you like the fireworks!

FB: I found the kid! And that little hun brat too!

LS: They were tied up in the basement!! It was horrible dark down there, just horrible! The inhumanity.

JD: Lefty!!! Youre safe!!!!

L: JOHNNY!!!! Ive been so scared!!!

FB: Youre safe now kid.

DT: sank you for saving me!

FB: Um yea, sure. Just kinda worked out that way.

LS: Any time little man!

L: Dieter and I are good friends now.

WB: Ill find you again you stupid kids!!

JD: Ill shoot you again mr!

D: Lets go! We have much to do!

CT: Id rather not be enemies in the future mcbruce, but I warn you. If you push me, next time I will pull the trigger, and it wont be your leg that’s hit.

LS: would you just look at the tension!

(door closes)

D: Alright back to the truck.

CD: Well all this tension made me hungry, and I do believe theres a dinner waiting for us! Its nearly 8, and I cant possibly wear this old thing. Drake, I need a new dress.

D: Hah! I think not. Maybe the peachy baron has something for you! (snarky)

CD: Well I never..

LS: I think you look simply, simply wonderful!

FB: Durned women and their clothes. You never hear the end of it.

CD: Id watch yourself there flex.

CT: Hahaha oh the battle continues.

D: Lets go.

L: Where are we going?

JD: to baron von schmecks!

DT: hoorah! Ze baron!!

L: OH BOY!!!!!

(truck drives off)

BVS: Ah my friends! Welcome to my humble abode! Im so glad you could come.

LS: Humble abode! This place is the bees knees baron!

BVS: Oh thank you, but really. Did you find ze boy??

D: Yes, and dieter.

BVS: Dieter! Ach zis is wunderbar! Now I am much obliged to you good kapitan.

DT: Baron!!! Klaus!!!

K: Dieter!!!

BVS: might I also add zat you look ravishing my dear madame dehaviland. That dress is quite becoming.

CD: Well, I, thank you baron. This old thing? Nonsense.

BVS: Now now don’t be absurd. Kinder! Children! Your dinner is prepared in ze back room. Gentlemen, and lady, shall we adjurn for dinner?

JD: Im not eating with the kids! Im a grownup!

FB: True that, Johnny shot his second man today.

BVS: vell zen, I shall have another place set!

D: Thanks baron. Weve got a lot to talk about.

LS: That chandelier is huge! I aint seen one that big outside the waldorff Astoria!

(some dinner noises)

CD: Baron every dish is magnificent. As is your company. I simply cannot get enough of this story of your adventure with the pygmies!

BVS: youre much too kind. Some more Riesling perhaps? 1899, a splendid year.

CD: Oh I cant say no!

D: Ok, down to business.

CT: Right, this jägerschnitzel is fantastic though.

FB: Ill say. This is my third serving.

JD: I like the potatoes.

D: Whats going on with the black falcon? And the firm?
BVS: Well, simply put, the Firm is a swiss banking conglomerate that wants to start a massive war between france and germany and Russian and turkey and Britain and god knows who else. The black falcon has been digging all this up, with some help from your reporter mr slade there. I believe you found the damning evidence in zurich my good man?

LS: You better believe it! Nothing escapes slade they say! I found all sorts of documents outlining the various treaties and alliances they had manipulated! Europe is on the brink of disaster. Who would have suspected it?

BVS: Well I for one know zat the Kaiser will not let any potential incidents go without seizing the opportunity of smacking ze French. They can be so frustrating you know. Excellent wine though. And your Parisian mimi, Carmen what a gem!

CD: Now youre just trying to make me jealous baron!

D: Well where is the black falcon? How come he didn’t tell me this??

BVS: Well the funny thing was that the Firm was on his trail too. Mr Slade, can you explain?

LS: well I am a great journalist, so I never pass up an investigation. So I was hired by the firm to learn about the falcon and the falcon to learn about the firm. Great pay! And the stories I found. That falcon character is something else. But ill tell you what, compared to that lord bettington, that wally mcbruce is nothing. I was in Istanbul looking for the falcon when I found you gents!

FB: Wasn’t that a great visit? We should go back soon.

CT: Count me out

JD: Can we go to another cabaret flex???

FB: No Johnny, I think youre old enough for more manly

D: AND what about the firm’s plot baron? How did you discover it? Apart from what I told you?

BVS: Ze black falcon was worried about your search for zat Jacques character. He was afraid you were too hot on his trail. So he met with me while you were stirring up the janissaries in Istanbul. He informed me of your plans to get into germany today. Fortunately I was able to arrive in time!

CD: Absolutely, its been a pleasure making your acquaintance.

BVS: youre too kind. Some more wine kapitan?

D: Umm sure. But back to the firm.

BVS: Right, well it seems that whatever plot ze were cooking up, you say this yes?, has failed. Ve have the kinder, ze children back. We can now continue the race!

FB: Sound fishy to me. Those durned swiss with their holey cheese, it always seems like there hiding something.

CT: What was that that mcbruce was talking about? Fireworks or something? Could be he was just trying to squirm his way out of a jam.

JD: Well mr winters had something suspicious. He got it out of that big crate during our fight over turkey.

D: What?!? Winters? What was it Johnny?

JD: Well I don’t know, there was so much going on, I guess I just forgot.

CT: Tits and schnitzel! Its a bomb!!! Of course the pirates were willing to help us! they were hired by the firm!! Just as they had been to kill Jacques!

D: Youre right coyne! We gotta get back to the zeppelin! Baron, thanks for dinner.

CD: must we go so soon? I was really just starting to warm up to the baron…maybe you can come back and get me later?

D: Flex, would you like to escort Carmen to the zeppelin?

CD: That will NOT be necessary.

BVS: Come come, such behavior. I am afraid we must take our leave my dear. I should have my zeppelin inspected immediately as well. I shall have you driven to the zeppelin port. I will be there myself presently.

LS: And the meal was outstanding! You get full marks for hospitality!

BVS: but of course

CT: Cmon lefty! We have to get back to the zeppelin!

L: Ok, bye dieter. Thanks for the fun.

DT: Bye lefty!

(doors, driving)
CT: Quick! We must search the zeppelin!

D: Alexy! Where is winters?

A: He said he had to take something to the bridge. I don’t know. I have playing checkers with merriweather in the hangar bay. He is very good.

MW: Oh thank you mr makarov, you are such a bad player yourself.

A: im better when ive had two bottles of vodka instead of one.

MW: Im afraid my drinking skills cannot compare

D: No time now im afraid. Start searching for a bomb!

MW: A bomb!? Some sort of, explosive? A device? Mechanical??

JD: Heres where he put it before! But its gone! He must have it!


CT: Skip! Come to the bridge!

D: What?

CT: Look, we got him red handed:

W: Five, five red wires. And two, two green wires. Yes hahaha just like that!

D: Winters!

W: Uh captain! Hello! Good, um evening.

FB: The game is up funny man. Your saboniage is at an end.

CT: Its espionage and sabotage flex. They aren’t the same word.

FB: Whatever

D: We know you work for the firm winters.

W: No! No that is not true! This is not a bomb! It just a new throttle control!

D: Who said anything about a bomb? And that’s Jeffries’s job, you know that. Youre done winters. Take him to the brig flex and lock him up good.

FB: with pleasure. Cmon winey man.

CD: What a relief! That could have been a disaster!

MW: Indeed, after a cursory look at the device it seems that it could have destroyed the entire zeppelin. It could have very easily caused a reactor meltdown.

L: Oh my shoes!

D: Was it supposed to blow up here?

MW: Well he was trying to attach it to the altimeter, so probably when we reached a certain altitude.

LS: That wouldve caused the international confrontation the Firm needed. If im not mistaken the zeppelin is still painted like a german one no?

D: So it is. No time to change that now, besides we found the bomb.

® BVS: Hallo? Kapitan? Are you zer? We found our man, and ze bomb.

(R) D: Hello Baron. We found our bomb too.

(R) BVS: Well, in that case, may I suggest we finish the race?

® D: Youre on baron! Prepare for takeoff!!

L: Oh boy!!!

JD: For adventure!!!!

(zeppelin take off)

D: Ha! The wotansraven is fast, but Pegasus is keeping up just fine, and we haven’t begun to really push her.

J: I think the old girl will love a good race, nothing like a little challenge to get her all excited

CD: Ill say. You know how women work mr Jeffries.

CT: I don’t believe it.

MW: Captain, we are nearing the French border. Do we have the necessary paperwork?

D: No time to worry about that now. We are nearing French airspace. (edit out) If they give us trouble, we just run for it. Were in the race now boys!!!

LS: The final stage of the Atomic Age Zeppelin Race!!! Munich to New York, the world watches with bated breath!!! Quick, wire that to my editor!!!

® CT: Um captain, I think you had better come take a look at the RABPUSS, its swarming with contacts.

(R) D: Roger that coyne

(R) D: Men, man your battle stations, prepare for combat!!

(R) Johnny, bottom turret

(R) CT: Coyne here, top turret

(R) MW:

(R) AM: ALexy here, we are in the biplanes, preparing for takeoff.

(R) FB:

CD: Im taking one of the biplanes.

D: No carmen, its much too dangerous out there. I need you to stay here where its safe.

CD: But drake!

D: Carmen if anything happened to you i wouldnt know how to live with myself.

CD: Fine ill be waiting in your cabin then.

(R) CT: um skip, it looks like the black falcon! coming in from the starboard side! hes got a whole swarm of those brazilians on his tail.

(R) D: The black falcon? Being chased by the sky pirates? Damn.

(R) D: Falcon! This is daedalus. Do you need assistance? We can take some of those pirates for you

(R) BF: Au contraire mon capitan! I believe it is you who need the assistance. I have brought the sky pirates as reinforcements!

(R) D: Reinforcements for what exactly?

(R) BF: Ze battle with those swiss!!! It is time to revenge the hyperion and my friend hector!!

(R) D: The swiss?

(R) MW: Captain captain!! There is a flight of enemies inbound! Many biplanes and an armed zeppelin! They have french markings!

(R) D: The firm never gives up!

(R) CT: Those sneaky swiss!! neutral my arse!! Their bomb failed but surely this wont.

(R) CA: (some portuguese) Of it course it shall fail!! My men are ready to fight! Victory or death!

(R) D: Baron! Prepare your crew for dirigibattle, we have some unfriendly Firm company

(R) BVS: Ha! I suspected they would try one last time! We are ready for anything!

(R) FB: Im ready for blood!!

(R) LB: Hello there daedalus, baron. I believe your time is up. once and for all. You cannot stop me and my plan!!!!

(R) D: Lord Bettington! You'll never bring us down!

(R) BVS: For honor!!

(R) D: For my son!!!

(R) BF: For justice!!!

(R) JD: For adventure!!!!

(R): L: Oh Boy!

CT: Ello skip, coyne here, theyre coming in fast from up high

JD: Got one!

FB: cmon you watch-making bastards!!!

MW: The enemy zeppelin is coming fast on our starboard side!!

D: We need to get closer to the wotansraven for mutual support! Hard to port!

AM: Molodets!!! Got one!!!

CA: Let us fight like lions my compenheiros!!!

CT: Theres two on your tail flex! Dive left!

AM: I got one flex!!!

BF: AHA!!! I am on the other mon ami!! Zese pesky swiss are no match for ze Black Falcon!!

D: Bring us up 200 feet, steer to a position behind the Wotansraven!!!

BVS: Concentrate your fire on ze enemy zeppelin!!!

CA: Excellent shooting jorge!!!

FB: Down in flames fancy shorts!

CD: Take that!

L: Oh boy!

D: Carmen! Lefty! What are you doing in a biplane??

CD: Did you honestly think i was going to stay behind drake?

D: That was my impression, yes.

CT: Well i never what a dame!

AM: Ha another one!

CT: Alexy you have one on your tail!!!

FB: Roll left!!

AM: I cant shake him!!

BF: I am coming!!!

(boom) AM: Too late! im hit im bailing out!!!

FB: Doesnt look like he made it. Now im really mad!!!! (long machine gun burst)

MW: I fear i must find a new checkers partner!!

BF: That is for alexy!!! (boom) and that is for hector! (boom)

FB: thats number three! what a day!

CD: That makes four for me

FB: Damn woman!!

JD: Got him!

D: good job johnny! How is the damage jeffries?

J: We seem to be holding out captain, but it looks like the wotansraven is taking a beating.

D: Carmen the enemy zeppelin is behind you!!

CD: Oh my!!

BVS: Have no fear madame!! I shall save you!! Direct all fire at that zeppelin!!!''

FB: Boom hahah!!! scratch one zeppelin!!!

D: Good shooting baron!

CD: Nice shot baron, must take some really steady hands for that (ref baron destroying zeppelin)

BVS: Dont mention it, my men are eager for more!!'

BF: Ze seem to have more reinforcements!!!

CA: Let them come!!! My men are ready for anything!!

FB: Bring it on!!!

MW: They have another zeppelin

JD: To the right!

JD: I think im going to need more ammunition!

MW: The enemy zeppelin is attacking the wotansraven!!

BVS: Captain daedalus!! I dont think my zeppelin can last much longer I am afraid this is the end my friend!

D: Nonsense!! Prepare to evacuate!!! Concentrate all your fire to port! Well come along your starboard side!!!

J: Were coming up on the germans fast!!

BVS: Men prepare to evacuate! Gunners fire to port!

D: Weve attached baron!

J: Captain wait, the cables! Theyre coming loose!!!

BVS: Hurry!! Theres no time! I cant maintain control much longer!!

CT: Theres another enemy flight approaching!! We dont have any time!!! were sitting ducks here!

BF: Ze pirates and I are on them!!

J: Captain weve reattached!

D: Baron! you can evacuate!!

BVS: Abandon the zeppelin! all crew to the pegasus!!!!

J: theyre on board sir!!

D: Excellent! Pull away from the wotansraven! shes going down! Hard to starboard, full speed ahead!

MW: The enemy zepplin is targeting us now!!!

FB: GO back to your powdered hot chocolate and your milkmaids you swiss bastards!!!!

D: Men the other zeppelin is coming along side us, things could get ugly

BF: I will avenge you hector!!!!

CT: What does the falcon think hes doing? hes diving into the enemy zeppelin!

FB: No freakin way!

(big explosion!!!)

JD: Captain daedalus, what happened?

D: The black falcon just rammed his plane into the enemy zeppelin! It just exploded!

JD: Oh no!

CT: tits and tragedy what a way to go out!

JD: Tits and tragedy indeed hes a hero!

FB: thats the last of em!

D: We did it men! Good job! Let us never forget Alexy and the Black Falcon!

CD: Uh, well that was quite fun

D: Carmen! youre safe! i was worried about you

CD: You always worry too much drake.

BVS: I must thank you for saving my crew and me! It is now i who owe you a debt of gratitude.

D: We couldnt have won without you baron

CD: baron how are you?

BVS: My men fought bravely, but not all made it. And of course my zeppelin is no more

CD: i saw that

D: Coyne do you still have the ring?

CD: Ring!?!

D: No, not that kind of ring. But, if you want to talk about that kind of ring, we can talk in my cabin? in 10 minutes

CD: Oh drake i thought youd never ask!

BVS: Love is such a beautiful thing

LS: Yes! the subject of my next editorial! Love is the answer! Love is all you need! Love! love! Love love love!

CT: Yes skip i do have, it. And i solved the cipher! I know where the treasure is!

JD: Well where is it??? or Where is it?? (ref treasure)

FB: Yea stop bush-beating!

CT: Its beating around the bush flex.

D: Just tell us coyne!

CT: its in toronto!

MW: well who would have guessed it?

JD: For adventure!

L: Oh boy!

As for you falcon, you will


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