Friday, April 2, 2010

Episode VI


1) Slades article- greatly exaggerated
--b) Sensationalized
--c) "Zepplineers fight off hundreds if not thousands of bedouins"
--d Something about the Black Falcon and Swiss banking conglomerate
--e) Bettington shows up
--f) Look for Jacque
--g) Merriweather
--h) Merriweather needs to outfit the zeppelin to run the blockade, and this poses....problems
--k) run the blockade

Story outline
1) conversations on zeppelin
--1a) talk about the note
--1b) talk about finding Jacque
--1c) talk about running blockade into Turkey
--1d) talk about finding Carmen
--1e) land in Cairo
2) Cairo

3) Lets split up gang

4) Group alpha- Meriweather- going to armor plating the zeppelin for flak
--4a) go to a bank to withdraw funds
--4b) run into Bettington on the phone doing dubious business over the phone

5) Group beta - looking for information on Jacques- Daedelus

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