Friday, March 26, 2010

Series intro

First things first
3 things from episode 5 need to be redone

1) Battle yelling
2) Arabic whispering
3) Next time

Newsman into voice

The year was 1923,
The charleston was in full swing and radio was all the craze!
Americans would turn in every night to catch up on radio serials! music! and all the latest news!
It was a simpler time, an exciting time, with all eyes toward the future!
With science on the brink of new discovery, and countries on the brink of new wars.
Since the Serbians had given in to the Austrian ultimatum in 1914, diffusing a potential world war,
the world powers remained on icy diplomatic terms, ready to heat up at a moments notice.
The foremost of this new technology, Atomic Zeppelins, dominated the skies. Travel, leisure, and commerce were all expanded in this world of new lighter than air travel.
Zeppelins, majestic yet practical, seemed to be the solutions to all the ills of ages past, and yet, intrigue was afoot!
Zeppelin racing! A popular and dangerous pastime were often flash-points of political intrigue.
Indeed, The world was never more than one zeppelin meltdown away from a brutal modern war.

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