Tuesday, March 23, 2010

back on zeppelin

DD: Well, Lionel, your services have been invaluable.

LS: Well I could say the same of you and your crew! Thanks to that message from Black Falcon I've got some new leads to dig up in Switzerland.

FB: Never did trust those Swiss, too many small moving parts. Wear those tight little shorts.

DD: Jeffries! Set course for Cairo!

JD: Captain, what about my princess?

DD: Johnny, the world is full of princesses

FB: Yah...

Ovaltine: Looks like things could be getting steamy for our young hero. Steamy like rich chocolate Ovaltine! Fortified with the vitamins and minerals for the growing boy adventurer! Rich Chocolate Ovaltine, official sponsor of Johnny Dangerfist, Boy Adventurer! And now, back to our show.

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