Sunday, March 21, 2010

Episode V

The midnight society presents: Johnny Dangerfist and the Atomic Age Zeppelin Race

Forshadowy Introduction

First scene: Zepplin chatter.

--Should be lighthearted involving Johnny and a crew member, someone who has taken over the responsibility over Johnny's well being in the absence of lefty
--Group dinner?
--Roberts Rules of order meeting
--Going through customs
--playing jacks
--playing whist
I could see a light hearted and resolved Coyne doing this
----A man who has accepted the sacrifice he is going to make
--the starting conversation should foreshadow the idealogical conflict of the episode in some way to contribute to cohesiveness

Scenario 1: trust dependent

Coyne: Johnny, then you have to look at your cards and make a guess of how many tricks you will win.
Johnny: But how will i know what cards you have in your hand Mr. Tarkington.
Coyne: You won't, sometimes you just have to trust the players on your team and know that they're look out for you.

Scenario 2: how to bluff

Coyne: Ok Johnny, well i'm going to double my bet. You have to put in ten more piece of gum if you want to keep playing the hand.
Johnny: Errr....that sure is a big bet Mr. Tarkington, I think I'm going to fold.
Coyne: (line)
Johnny: Mr. Tarkington, what did you have?
Coyne: Nine high.
Johnny: Well if you had such a bad hand Mr. Tarkington why did you keep betting?
Coyne: Sometimes Johnny, you have to pretend that you have the upper hand Johnny. Uncertainty is a powerful weapon johnny.
Johnny: Like a cannon?
Coyne: (light hearted laugh) haha, yes Johnny, like a cannon. Now, if you'll excuse me I'll need to talk to the Captain.

(Zeppelin Sounds)

Coyne: Daedelus, When we land in Bagdad, I have some...personal business that I've got to take care of. I've got to see an old friend.
Flex: (angry) Sounds like you already took care of some personal business you took care of back in Bombey.

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