Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dangernotes on episode V

Things which need to happen

A) Johnny gets married

Things which might happen
A) Coyne needs artifact from dessert
B) Coyne needs to talk to mentor about artifact
C) Flex could want something from the dessert
D) Mole plot could evolve
E) Introduce Reporter Character!!! (possibly new addition? eh? eh?)
--he's a fast taking city type
--he doesn't know a lot of whats going on but he's curious
--he's very very 1920's
F) Black Falcon plot could evolve (possibly through reporter character)


1) Chit chat on the Zeppelin
2) Zeppelin lands
3) The gang is split up
4) Group I Adventures
4a) Johnny's group gets captured by Bedouins and it is decided that Johnny must get married
4b) Coyne capitalizes on the marriage and sneaks off to do some scandalous business
5) Group II goes on shorter punctuated adventures
6) Ovaltine!
7) Flashcut to end of marriage. Short futile discussion and then Group II shows up with horses, a car, or a legion of motorcycles.
8) Fight in desert (probably on horseback)
9) Make it back to the Zeppelin (falling action)
9a) Discussion of where to go next
9b) Discussion of what it means to be an adult (Johnny and Daedelus)

10 ) Next time on Johnny Dangerfist!

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