Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Brazilian Sky Pirates

The South Sea Sky Pirates

JD: Last time on Johnny Dangerfist:




Pegasus and its crew took of from Hawaii the next day after the encounter with Wally McBruce and his smugglers. Once again Johnny and Lefty found themselves over the ocean in the fast-moving airship and they began to talk with the crew. Tarkington was obviously displeased with the course of events from the day before, and he and Daedalus were deep in discussion about the upcoming plan of action. Jeffries had replaced the fuel pump and the reactor was working like new. As the Pegasus sped towards China, another series of exciting things would overtake our heroes. But what would a boy-adventurer be without his adventures?

(zeppelin flying sounds)

CT: Look Daedalus, im really sorry bout what happened back at the islands. I should have been more careful. I still don’t think we’ve seen the last of McBruce either.

D: Its alright Coyne, its not like we haven’t been in a scrape like that before.

CT: True that. Remember that time with the Zulu chieftain and that stupid cow? I thought we were done for that time.

D: Hahaha ah yes, and then there was the time Flex had the janissaries chasing us in Ankara.

(Door slams)

FB: You mean the ones I chased back to the palace later?

CT: Where did you find that machine gun anyways??

FB: I think it was on a biplane on the tarmac. It looked handy so I nabbed it.

D: You are truly ludicrous Flex but im glad to have you along.

(Door opens)

Jeffries: good morning captain! Everythings running smoothly back aft. New fuel pump is a beautiful little one, old girl’s taken a right good liking to her.

D: Very well Jeffries.

Lefty: Who’s a girl Jeffries? I thought Daedalus didn’t allow girls on board?

CT: He’s talking about the reactor lad. He’s a bit of an odd duck if you hadn’t noticed.

D: Well lets get down to brass tacks. You gents come over here and lets plot our course. Right now where about here, about to enter the South China Sea. Im thinking we fly to Shanghai and then Bombay. We should be able to do that no problem. From Bombay it’s a quick jump to Istanbul and then

CT: You mean Cairo.

D: What? Why Coyne?

CT: Well its like I told you Daedalus, no one flies over Turkey except the Turks. Its damned unfriendly of them too if you ask me.

Jeffries: He’s right Capn. Those Turks have taken a right poor liking to strangers.

FB: To hell with em Daedalus! We both know we have to go to Istanbul.

D: Flex, while I agree, I am pretty sure your reasons are entirely different from mine.

FB: That’s irrelevant. Besides, you know Carmen is there.

CT: Oh good lord. You cant be serious Flex? Daedalus? YOU are going to let a woman drag into back to Turkey?? I thought you two were through!

D: Its complicated.

CT: Complicated?!? No, getting tortured in a Turkish prison in complicated, those bastards are creative. That damned devious wench of yours can meet us in Cairo if she wants. Besides Jacques should be there too.

D: Well we do need Jacques, I have a feeling things are doing to get a bit dicey when we reach the Mediterranean. I would be surprised if the Kaiser didn’t try to pull something.

FB: Hah! Id like to see those Hun bastards try and stop and us!

D: Well regardless, we need to go to Istanbul. Theres no way around it. Coyne, we can leave you in Cairo if you want, or Baghdad.

CT: Oh tits and chocolates Daedalus, you know me better than that. Im just saying, the Turks are more likely to throw their fancy flavored coffee in your face than give you a welcome and pass the hookah pipe. As for Flex, last I heard whoever brings him in to the Sultan gets to choose one of the girls from the old boy’s harem. Heh, who knows? I might go for a

FB: Coyne, if I so much as catch you doing something suspicious while we’re there you better believe you wont see daylight.

CT: Joking Flex, joking.

D: Alright, well it seems like we have our next few stages planned out and

(Airplane sounds, machinegun fire)

MCM (intercom) Captain! Were under attack! Theres four or five planes out there!

Warning sirens

D: All hands man your stations! Prepare for dirigibattle!

JD: Whats happening captain?

D: Its brazilian sky pirates Johnny! The scourge of the skies!

FB: Haha! This is going to be a great day!

(Gunfire, intercom chatter, general chaos)

D: Hard to port!! Take her up to 20000 feet, they cant follow us there!

J: Capn, were takin damage, we might not make it!

FB (intercom) HAHAHAHAH GOT ONE!!! Going down in flames!

Radio: This is Squadron Leader calling Drake Daedalus. You there??

D: Yea, who the hell is this??

R: Its Merriweather, looked like you needed help. Try not to shoot my jet copters!

D: Just in time! Roger that! (to crew) Don’t shoot the jet copters boys, they are on our side!!

(battles sounds die off)

J: Captain shes holding but well never make it through those sky pirates again.

D: Thanks Jeffries. (On radio) You there Merriweather?

R: Roger that, you look a little dinged up. Follow me and my boys down.

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