Thursday, February 18, 2010

Episode III, Take IV

The South Sea Sky Pirates
JD: Last time on Johnny Dangerfist:

Pegasus and its crew took off from Hawaii the next day after the encounter with Wally McBruce and his smugglers. Once again Johnny and Lefty found themselves over the ocean in the fast-moving airship and they began to talk with the crew. Tarkington was obviously displeased with the course of events from the day before, and he and Daedalus were deep in discussion about the upcoming plan of action. Jeffries had replaced the fuel pump and the reactor was working like new. As the Pegasus sped towards China, another series of exciting things would overtake our heroes. But what would a boy-adventurer be without his adventures?
(zeppelin flying sounds)

CT: Look Daedalus, im really sorry bout what happened back at the islands. I should have been more careful. I still don’t think we’ve seen the last of McBruce either.

D: Its alright Coyne, its not like we haven’t been in a scrape like that before.

CT: True that. Remember that time with the Zulu chieftain and that stupid cow? I thought we were done for that time.

D: Hahaha ah yes, and then there was the time Flex had the janissaries chasing us in Ankara.

(Door slams)
FB: You mean the ones I chased back to the palace later?

CT: Where did you find that machine gun anyways??

FB: I think it was on a biplane on the tarmac. It looked handy so I nabbed it.

D: You are truly ludicrous Flex but im glad to have you along.

(Door opens)

Jeffries: good morning captain! Everythings running smoothly back aft. New fuel pump is a beautiful little one, old girl’s taken a right good liking to her.

D: Very well Jeffries.

Lefty: Who’s a girl Jeffries? I thought Daedalus didn’t allow girls on board?

JD: He’s talking about the zeppelin Lefty. He’s a little weird if you hadn’t noticed.

Jeffries: This is a grownup conversation lads, why don't you go practice your caligraphy.

Johnny: Lefty doesn't know how to write, he's left handed

Jeffries: Well then why don't you teach him!

Johnny: All our pencils are broken. And our sharpener doesn't work!

Jeffries: Well why don't you too boys go play some jacks.

Lefty: Oh boy jacks! I love jacks! cmon Johnny!

JD: OH alright lefty.

D: Well lets get back to business and plot our course of action. Right now where about here, about to enter Japanese airspace. Im thinking we fly to Shanghai and then Bombay after Kyoto. We should be able to do that no problem. From Bombay it’s a quick jump to Arabia and then Istanbul, where we can

CT: You mean Cairo.

D: What? Why Coyne?

CT: Well its like I told you Daedalus, no one flies over Turkey except the Turks. Its damned unfriendly of them too if you ask me.

Jeffries: He’s right Capn. Those Turks have taken a right poor liking to strangers.

FB: To hell with em Daedalus! We both know we have to go to Istanbul. (pounding fist)

D: Flex, while I agree, I am pretty sure your reasons are entirely different from mine.

FB: That’s irrelevant. Besides, you know Carmen is there.

CT: Oh good lord. You cant be serious Flex? Daedalus? YOU are going to let a woman drag into back to Turkey?? I thought you two were through!

D: Its complicated.

CT: Complicated?!? No, getting tortured in a Turkish prison in complicated, those bastards are creative. That damned devious wench of yours can meet us in Cairo if she wants. Besides Jacques should be there too.

D: Well we do need Jacques, I have a feeling things are doing to get a bit dicey when we reach the Mediterranean. I would be surprised if the Kaiser didn’t try to pull something.

FB: Hah! Id like to see those Hun bastards try and stop and us!

D: Well regardless, we need to go to Istanbul. Theres no way around it. Coyne, we can leave you in Cairo if you want, or Baghdad.

CT: Oh tits and chocolates Daedalus, you know me better than that. Im just saying, the Turks are more likely to throw their fancy flavored coffee in your face than give you a welcome and pass the hookah pipe. As for Flex, last I heard whoever brings him in to the Sultan gets to choose one of the girls from the old boy’s harem. Heh, who knows? I might go for a

FB: Coyne, if I so much as catch you doing something suspicious while we’re there you better believe you wont see daylight.

CT: Joking Flex, joking.

D: Alright, well it seems like we have our next few stages planned out and--

***plane noises***

W: (I) Captain! Winters here! Black Biplanes coming up fast on the starboard quarter !!! Five, five biplanes

DD: We've got to make Japanese airspace! They wont dare follow us there! All hands man your stations! Full speed ahead!!!

JD: Whats happening captain?

DD: Its brazilian sky pirates Johnny! The scourge of the skies!

***Biplane noises***


Brazilian: reduce your speed and follow our planes.

DD: Like hell I will!

Coyne: Captain! The Pegasus doesn't have any bloody weapons! What are we going to do?

DD: Just hang on Coyne. It might be a bit of a rough ride.

***suspenseful music***
***biplane sounds***

DD: Just a bit further

Winters: Captain! The pirates retreating

DD: Thanks winters.

Johnny: Ho-ray! We're saved!

Lefty: Oh boy!

DD: (intercom) Drake Daedelus requesting permission to land

Wireless (Japanese): Permission gwanted, Captain Day-day-wus

***Docking noises***
***Gangplank noises***

D: Great. Now we need find Merriweather as fast as possible. Wotansraven is probably already ahead of us, although we dont if they got caught in the storm.

CT: I think Merriweather has his facility outside town, near the military aerodrome.

Johnny: Who is this Mr. Merriweather person anyways?

D: Professor Merriweather, Johnny. He was our resident professor.

Jeffries: You mean our resident nut-job.

CT: HE DID always have a propensity for rather odd gadgets. Remember that room humidifier slash rocket launcher he built for the Canadians?

FB: Haha I remember I blew up a caribou in the Yukon with that. It was great too because it was really dry in that bunker. Pity he wasted so much time on that amphibious bicycle though, I always did think it was a kinda neat idea.

D: Thank you for that wonderful anecdote Flex. We dont much time, so lets organize a plan.

J: Well, its about time I go back and keep her good and lubed! (door closes)

JD: Mr. Jeffries is such a thorough engineer!

CT: Oh god, you've got to be kidding me.

D: Coyne and Flex, you go out into town to see what you can find out about Wotansraven.

CT: Rightio skipper!

FB (almost same): You got it Daedalus.

D: Johnny and Lefty, you come with me. Were gonna go, round up Merriweather and get Pegasus fitted out.

(Jeep sounds)

Japanese guy: Oh Johnny Thundaface boy adventurer, and the gweat captain Day-dah-wus

Daudelus: Leutenent, we need to see Professor Meriweather right away.

Japanese guy: Right this way, captain Daydawus!

(approaching bunker, muffled etc)

Meriweather: Captain Daedelus! I’m glad you came. I heard about the race over the wireless, I don't have time to go outside anymore. The emperor keeps me very busy with all types of projects.

Daedelus: Its good to see you too Meriweather. We need you to outfit our zeppelin, just like old times. She'll need to be battle ready, chances are we've got Brazilian Sky Pirates waiting for us.

Meriweather: Oh well I think I know just the things. Well we’ve been working on this new 40 mm antiaircraft gun plus we’ve got the older 50 cal’s and some 20mm stuff. Oh and I have this new canning device that could-

Daedelus: Sounds like it’ll do the trick. Merriweather, I need you on the Pegasus, i just don't know how we'ed make it without you. Why we'd 'av never gotten out of Belgium if it hadn't been for that tunneling contraption you built us.

Meriweather: I’d would love to Daedelus, problem is, that i'm just so busy here, well with my research and such. Steam is the future, you know. I'm far too old to go on adventures, anyway, The science must go on!

Daedelus: Well that’s damned unlucky,

Meriweather: (sigh) it is indeed. If only i were a younger braver man. Well i suppose its time to get the zeppelin outfitted.

Johnny: Wow! There you have a lot of nifty stuff Mr. Meriweather

Dadelus: That’s Professor Meriweather Johnny

Johnny: You seem really good with mechanical stuff, could you fix my pencil sharpener?

Meriweather: Well I don’t know that I have time right now, but I might be able to offer you a replacement.

JD: Really? What kind? Mine was a pretty nice one my mom gave me,

M: Hmm, cant top that, but I have this combination pencil sharpener flare gun I made during a lunch break I took last month.

JD: That sounds dangerous!

M: Indeed! It would be quite dangerous in the hands one of a normal boy your age, but, why, you’re a boy adventurer!

Lefty: What about me?

M: Why not? Youre just a kid, what could possibly happen?

Cut scene to bar

FB: Any luck so far Coyne?

CT: Damned if Ive found anything. These bloody japs only talk about sumo wrestling and geisha girls. Five bars, five failures. Id say just one more and then we call it quits.

FB: Im with ya Coyne. These durned Chinamen are just plain a nuisance.

CT: Theyre Japanese Flex, please. But as long as we're on the town we might as well tally up a few business expenses if ya catch my drift.

FB: I like youre style coyne. This place looks promising. Lets go get drunk.

CT: Right o!

Waiter – Wat can I get fow you gentlemennn

CT: 6 heated sakes please.

FB: Good call.

CT: Thanks Flex. Hey, these two blokes seem odd to you?

FB: Yea, theyre the only gents in here don’t smell like chinamen.

CT: Damnit, its Japs Flex.

FB: Whatever.

CT: No, but listen, theyre talking about the race…..

B1: You hear that Pegasus landed here today?

B2: I did, that only puts them about a day behind Wotansraven. I heard Pegasus got caught in that storm near Hawaii.

B1: Yea, but Wotansraven is holed in Bangkok with some sort of diplomatic delay. I hear Bettington had something to do with it – called in a favor with the Thai foreign minister or something.

B2: Trying to keep the race close I suppose. You know things could get a bit sticky when they hit Europe. The Kaiser’s not too keen on the Firm. Not sure that Yank captain on Pegasus is either.

B1: Well its only natural, with his dead son and all. You know the story with Bettington and all, the French Alps explosion.

B2: quite right quite right.

B1: Bettington made out good on that race too…funny how things work out.

B2: indeed, well you know bettington has this worked pretty well too, got an inside man on both sides

(evil laughing)

FB: Why that son of a bitch.

CT: Steady Flex, we don’t want to give anything away.

FB: But that lousy, good for nothing, son of a

JD: THERE YOU TWO ARE!!! Weve been looking all over town for you!

D: Lets go men, back to the zeppelin.

CT: Quick Flex lets go before these chaps get wise.


CT: I know you Flex, but lets save it for later shall we?

FB: Fine, but you better clear my path of chinamen or they wont know what hit em.

(comercial 1)

It appear that there is intrigue in the mix! Mix like milk and Rich Chocolate Ovaltine! Rich Chocolate Ovaltine contains all of the vitamins and minerals for a growing boy adventurer! So drink Rich Chocolate Ovaltine! Official Sponsor of Johnny Dangerfist and the Atomic Age Zeppelin Race. And now back to our show!

(alternate commerical)

It appears things are heating up for our heroes! Heating up like Rich chocolate Ovaltine! Rich Chocolate Ovaltine contains all of the vitamins and minerals for a growing boy adventurer! So drink Rich Chocolate Ovaltine! Official Sponsor of Johnny Dangerfist and the Atomic Age Zeppelin Race. And now back to our show!

(Back at the zeppelin)

M: Well Daedalus, the overhaul is good and done! By the way, took the liberty of installing a few other gadgets that might come in handy on your great race! Im sure you’ll find them. Oh, and the weapons are all set too. Good stores of ammunition and of course, my signature warrantee.

D: Excellent Merriweather. Good work, still sure you cant join us?

M: Yes yes, im afraid so. Science must continue.

JD: Thanks for the pencil sharpener professor!

M: Of course my boy! Of course! Im sure it will be quite ..illuminating!!

CT: Illuminating? Pencil sharpener? Any idea Flex?

FB: you got me, coyne, but then again, who woulda thought room humidifier and rocket launcher?

CT: True that, truee that.

JD: Captain! We need to go! Jeffries said hes getting impatient to heat things up with the boiler.

Lefty: Oooh boy!!!

CT: Unbloodybelievable.

D: Well, Barnaby. Its time we go. There are Huns to catch and races to win.

M: And sky pirates to blast!
(engines start)

D: Give my regards to the emperor!

M: Oh oh I will indeed! Good luck and good shooting!

BM: (R) Pegasus! Come in Pegasus

DD: (R) Merriweather! What are you doing here?

BM: (R) I've got a squadron of Sky Pirates on my tail! You'd better get ready for a fight!

DD: (R) Roger that! Get your ass on board the zeppelin Merriweather!
(I) All hands man your battle stations!! Prepare for dirigibattle! Scramble planes 1 through 3 Winters! I want Flex, Cathcart and Alexy in those planes

FB: HAHA! This is going to be a great day!

W: (I) Aye aye captain!

(Airplane sounds, machinegun fire)

Wintera: Captain! They are coming in fast. We have visual on five, no no six biplanes out there!

D: Johnny Take lefty down to the hangar bay, its safer there.

Johnny: But Captain Daedelus, I-

D: Thats quite enough Johnny, its far to dangerous.

Johnny: (begrudgingly) Lets go Lefty..

CT: (I) Skipper, Coyne here, top turret.
D: (I) Got it.
MB: (I) Daedalus, barnaby here. belly turret.
D: (I) excellent

(biplane startingsounds)

Winters: Alexy! You'll be piloting the Number 2. Looks like the Number 4's not going to be seeing any action today.

A: Glad to hear it Mr winters!

Lefty: Look! Johnny! It looks like there aren't enough pilots to use all the biplanes!

Johnny: Lefty, I think its time to show them what we're made of. Lets get the stool!

(dragging sound, followed by plane starting sound)

Johnny: For adventure

Lefty: Oh boy!


CT: Theres one breaking away to port! GOT HIM GOT HIM!!!

FB: I got two climbing fast looking to dive on you cap!

D: IM gonna swing her around to starboard!

BM: It appears i shot one down!

W: Yes yes, you got him!

Alexy: HAHAHA splash one brazilian bonehead

CT: two coming in from starboard close in!!!!

FB: HAHAHAHAH GOT ONE!!! Going down in flames!

D: Hard to port!! Take her up to 20000 feet, they cant follow us there!

J: Capn, were takin damage, we might not make it!

CT: Looks like Cathcarts going down! no parachute either!

(Back to main battle perspective)

Deadelus: Damn, keep up your fire men! 10 degrees to port!

Jeffries: She's running like a bute captain.

Coyne: Got two bloody maccacos dragging their tits along our port quarter!

Johnny: Roger that Mr. Tarkington! I'll take care of it!...

Coyne: uh, come in skipper,

Deadelus: Daedlus here, go ahead Coyne.

Coyne: um, who the bloody hell was that.

Johnny: Johnny Dangerfist! Boy Adventurer!...oh, over.

Lefty: (echoed) oh boy! over.

Flex: Dammit kid, pay attention before you get chewed to bits.

Lefty: Oh no!

Deadeuls: Well dammit, how many are left?

BM: One on the port side skipper.

CT (I): One diving from above, but looks like he's making a run for the

Lefty: There's two chasing us.

Johnny: Really? Lets get em!

Meriweather: Johnny, if you can bring them to the port turret Winters should be able to pick him off with some 20mm!

Johnny: Roger that professor!

W: Got one! But there is still one more on his tail!

***gun shots and the sound of bullets hitting metal***

Lefty: On no! thats not good! I'm scared! What are we gonna do!

BM: Lefty! Have you still got that flare gun, from earlier!

Lefty: Yes sir, its right here

BM: Good, well I want you to point it at that plane and pull the trigger.

Lefty: But i'm left handed!

BM: That may be true boy, but this is an emergency!

Lefty: Well all right, but only because you said so

(Flare sound then explosion sound)

coyne: Well skipper, tits on christmas. Great shot lefty!

Daedelus: Alright gents. Good job. Are there any more out there?

CT: Clear up top!

W: Clear port side

MCM: Clear starboard

BM: Clear below

A: Alexy here, all clear.

FB: Flex here, all clear. Looks like Cathcart bought the farm though.

D: Alright, all hands, all hands. all clear. Winters stand by to recover planes.

***sound of biplane engines stopping***

Johnny: Well it sure was nice of you to stop by Meriweather.

Coyne: Indeed, you really pulled through, pity you can't come along.

Meriweather: Well it would be best not to jump to conclusions Coyne. Daedelus, fighting pirates with you today made me realize how much I miss this kind of thing. I don't belong cooped up in some lab with I belong up here with you! Fighting pirates and having swashbuckling adventures.

Johnny: For adventure!!

Lefty: Oh boy!!!

JD: Next time on Johnny Dangerfist and the Atomic Age Zeppelin Race! The Bruhaha in Bombay!

JD: Where's Lefty?

D: I thought he was with you.

BVS: It appears as though for once our interest are aligned Daedalus.

K: I will not take pleasure working with Johnny Dangerfist...Boy Adventurer.

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