Saturday, February 13, 2010

A japans tale


Last time on Johnny Dangerfist: (Assorted clips from episode II)

Introduction (about last time and the coming episode)

Pegasus and its crew took off from Hawaii the next day after the encounter with Wally McBruce and his smugglers. Once again Johnny and Lefty found themselves over the ocean in the fast-moving airship and they began to talk with the crew. Tarkington was obviously displeased with the course of events from the day before, and he and Daedalus were deep in discussion about the upcoming plan of action. Jeffries had replaced the fuel pump and the reactor was working like new. As the Pegasus sped towards Japan, another series of exciting things would overtake our heroes. But what would a boy-adventurer be without his adventures?
(zeppelin flying sounds)
CT: Look Daedalus, im really sorry bout what happened back at the islands. I should have been more careful. I still don’t think we’ve seen the last of McBruce either.
D: Its alright Coyne, its not like we haven’t been in a scrape like that before.
CT: True that. Remember that time with the Zulu chieftain and that stupid cow? I thought we were done for that time.
Johnny: That sounds like a real interesting story Mr. Tarkington!
CT: Not now Johnny, the grownups are talking.
D: Hahaha ah yes, and then there was the time Flex had the janissaries chasing us in Ankara.
MCM: Kyotos is twenty miles off the port bow! five degrees sir.

D: Johnny, we'll be headed to the imperial palace today. I want you to stay behind me and whatever you do, don't say anything to the emperor.

Zeppelin lands in Japan
Seeks out Merweather at royal courts
Agrees to outfit zeppelin but cannot join them

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