Monday, February 8, 2010

Sky Pirates over the China Sea


1: A couple notes
-Just jotted down a couple ideas for a script for Chapter 3, we can really take it in any direction though
-I would prefer to tie up loose ends from last chapter as the 2 chapters are going to run back to back (i understand you feel differently, lets just see how it plays out)
-I messaged Chris L. and we are currently talking to try to figure out a scheduled/official recording slot or at least to update the WVFI schedule.

Chapter 3

1) Peaceful operations over the china sea and a discussion of the wonders of the Eastern world, perhaps talk about previous adventures. Heavy foreshadowing/ self referential.

3) Suddenly sky pirates attack. "PREPARE FOR DIRIGIBATTLE!"

4) Brief discussion of the notoriety of the Brazilian sky pirates during the attack. Also discuss how the Pegasus is not properly prepared for battle.

"She's built to make love, not war"
"She's a love boat not a battleship"

5) Perhaps ship will have to retreat? I don't know how I feel about it getting shot down again so soon after the Hurricane.

Comercial (provided by Kirsten)

6) Introduction of Meriweather (irish, or scandinavian, or italian?) and a reason why he can't join them. Perhaps he is indebted to the Emperor, perhaps he has a family? Anyway so maybe don't end up taking Meriweather but instead his spunky young (mid 20's to early 30's) apprentice/son who speaks in a _____ accent. I do know that I want Johnny and Lefty to bring resolution to the plot. Perhaps they persuade the Child Emperor to change his mind. Ohhh, I like the idea of a child emperor and Johnny and Lefty making his acquaintance and teaching him a deep personal lesson and ultimately he gives them a gift or free's somebody.

7) Lesson/advice moment.

8) Sky pirate battle. Perhaps leave it on a cliff hanger.

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