Monday, February 22, 2010

Thoughts on episode IV

Episode 4 - The Brouhaha in Bombay

-BVS makes and appearance and has common interests with Daedelus
-Lefty gets kidnapped/lost/runs away

My objectives
-Introduce the hunt for Jaques
-Find a couple clues in Bombay and get the basic story about Jaques (From DD, BM, FB, and CT)
-Jaques is a hotshot French fighter pilot from the crew of the Icarus (Daedelus's Sons's zeppelin)
-Inside Man?
-Bring seriousness to zeppelin battles
-talk about why they don't fight the Woton's Raven over Bombay, nuclear meltdown
-BVS and Daedelus have a secret talk (gets some good information Daedelus is looking for)
-Brings up discussion of Daedelus' son, his zeppelin, and his crew
-Talk about Johnny's past, parents, and family
-Make French alps important to this episode
-Introduce, even briefly the new crew members of the Woton's Raven

Connecting previous Intrigue elements
-Jaques was in Daedelus' son's Crew
-Daedelus's sons crash

Introduce new intrigue
-Inside man
-Johnny and Lefty intrigue- parents?
-Kaiser and U.S. World Tension- a world on the brink of war on account of the race- Tie in with the Firm?
-Connection between BVS and Daedelus, whats their past?
-And What about Daedelus's father? Where did he die? Perhaps this should be the focus of the episode.

Plot additions/options
-The firm

Also on the topic of a "Director's Cut" Episode I
-Listening to the three episodes it quickly becomes clear that there is a discrepancy in the skill, both writing, reading and editing.
-I would love to make a couple small script changes and to do a re-cut with our new cast
-I think a new intro would be important too. Maybe to address the questions that Ellen said she had.
-Load it onto Last FM as one cut (instead of three parts)

New introduction
-"The year was 1917"
-Talk about stuff that actually happened
-Talk about stuff that happened in our world in the same manner
--World tension
--Aviation, trade, discovery
--Intrigue! Adventure!

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