Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Episode 2: Part 2

Aftermath from the crash

Daedelus: Whats the damage Jeffries?

Jeffires: Well best I can figure Lefty and Brawnmen were in the storage hub when it got knocked off. It should float, for a couple of hours at least, but we won't be able to take off and look for it until we find a new fuel pump. Not going to be easy either, The Pegasus is a rare breed sir.

Tarkington: Well chaps, best I figure we're straight up sticky toffee, sideways (sideways in this context means 'unless') one of you can buggle a class five bloody fuel pump north of yur arse. No need to get all lemon and lime over Brawnman, bloody barbarian had it comming, never thought it would be drowning though.

DD: I wouldn't count Brawnman out, I've seen that man fight his way out of a turkish whorehouse, and if I was a gambling man I'd bet that tide are already turning in favor of old Flex Brawnman. Tarkington, you wouldn't happen to have kept in contact with any of your old mates from the Mahalo excavation would you?

Tarkington: Be honest i ahven't been back 'eya since I was a wee kid, nobody but the bloody natives really care for the old stuff anymore, and you'd be better off not buggering around with them. Most of the proper dirt dusters right packed up after Kilaeua lost 'er temper aynway. Last I heard Wally McBruce's old bag was running a bootleg joint just north of Maui. Wouldn't mind catching up with the old bastard actually.

Jeffries: McBruce? You've gotta be kidding me, i wouldn't trust that damn smugglers more than one of Flex's turkish whores.

CT: He's not like that Jeffries, Ol' Bruccies's saved my ass more times'n I can figure. Why back when I was still smuggling...

Daedelus: Its not like we've got a lot of options Jeffires. If you'd prefer you could stay and do what repair work you can. The old biplane should still be in working condition, perhaps we should dust it off an' at least pay this Wally character a visit.

CT: 'Ats the spirit Daedelus! C'mon Johnny, we're going to go see one of my old scumbag friends!

Johnny: Oh boy!

(Scene cut to the storage hub, which is slowly filling with water.)

RB: Keep scooping boy! She's taking one hellova drink fer a lady her size.

Lefty: I'm tired, and my shoes are getting wet.

FB: And a whole lot more of you's gonna be wet soon if you don't start putting some muscle into bucket 'a yours.

Lefty: But i'm soooo tired

FB: You keep scooping or I'll box your ears

Lefty: (scared) right


***Cut back to show theme song or to 1960's era ambient instrumental***

Naration: "And the plot thickens! Thickens like rich chocolate Ovaltien! Ovaltien! Fortified with vitamins and minerals for the growing boy adventurer! Rich chocolate Ovaltien! Official sponsor of Johnny Dangerfist boy adventurer.

***Play a bit of the theme song***
***Prop Plane Landing at mansion***
***Heavy thud as men jump from plane

CT: Why this place hasn't changed one bit! It looks just like it did when I was a kid.

WM: (heavy australian accent) Hello Daedlus (said with disgust) I see you're hanging around with this loser.

CT: whats it to you? Bit of a surprise seeing you 'ere, last I 'eard you were rotting in Venezualan prison.

WM: And yet 'ere I stand. You got some nerve showing your face here you little rippa, what afta letting me take the heat fa' that right spectacle you pulled in Venezuala. I've 'alf a mind to kill you and take back the bloody ring. Bloody pirates still show up from time to time tryin' a buy your 'ed

CT: An' what do you tell em?

WM: I told em that i'd give it to 'em if I though they'd find anything interestin' inside of it, both men laugh) Coyne, you're a tough bloke ta stay buggahd with. Lets go inside and drown ourselves in cheap navy rum.

***door slams roudy bootlegger sounds***

DD: Johnny, you stay here, the grownups have some business we have to take care of out back.

Bartender: What'll it be boy?

JD: Rich Chocolate Ovaltine please!

Bartender: Steaming hot or ice cold? Ovaltine is great either way!

JD: I take my Rich Chocolate Ovaltine ice cold please!

***sound of glass hitting the counter)

JM: (also australian) G'day mate! Joey Mcbrucy, Boy Adventurer, make ya'quaintence.

JD: Ow wow! another boy adventurer! What kind of adventures do you go on?

JM: I go on all kinds of adventures. I've met Mercenaries, swashbucklers, pirates, chinamen. (pending)

Pirate Captain: Ello there Joey, mind if I have a look at the those blow darts ya' found in Brazil.

JM: Do I ever!

JD: Oh wow! Real pirates, this is exciting!

Flashcut to back to sinking compartment

FB: Well lefty, its starting to look like we're going to have to swim for it.

Lefty: (line)

***Engine sounds***

FB: Hawaiian fishermen, looks like this could be our lucky day.

(shotglasses slam on table bootlegger music comes back)

WM: Lets cut down to brass tax eh Coyne, you aven't been back ere since you got caught picking pockets, what brought you back?

CT: Be honest, we've found ourself in straight up Barney. Brawnman lost out at sea and our airship is right sixes without a new class five.

WM: Class five's a rare breed these days, shops round here probably wouldn't have have it. There's an old airfield down on the water, I'd go two up that you'd find a class five if you were willing to tear up a coupla old birds.

CT: I do owe you, you bloody Boogen. Lets grab Johnny and go.

WM: One second, I need to say goodbye to somebody at the bar.

Travel Transition, maybe another Ovaltien comercial.

***Waves on the beach***

DD: It sad to see so many great airships in such disrepair.

CT: And someday the world won't have need for relics like us either Daedelus.

***Metal thudding to ground

WM: Well mates it may not be a class five mate, but it should get you gents where you need to go.

CT: McBruce, I really can't thank you enough.

DD: And here I thought he was going to turn on us.

WM: Well its certainly not too late for that mates!

***gun sounds, in my head I hear shotguns getting cocked***

Pirate: Ah, Mr. Tarkington, its been quite a while. (needs to sound 'more piratey')

CT: You sold me to the Pirates Wally? What was the price?

WM: This doesn't have to end like this, Coyne, just give me the ring.

CT: Never!

***Motor sounds***

(I see the fishing boats catching the pirates in their fishing nets)

End of the episode confession/reconciliation scene

Johnny: Well gee Mr. Tarkington I'm really sorry you had to give away your Aztec ring.

CT: You don't mean this ring do you Johnny?

(sound of silver falling on a table)

CT: Between Vlad and I, I was always the better smuggler. You see Johnny, sometimes its ok to lie. As long as the man you're lying to is Australian.

(Dramatic takeoff scene)

Narrate out

Next time on Johnny Dangerfist! Trouble over the China sea!

OK, i need a break

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