Monday, February 1, 2010

The Honolulu Typhoon

The Honolulu Typhoon

The impressive around-the-world race took Pegasus west over the Pacific and the two zeppelins quickly lost one another in the dark of night over the ocean. Daedalus and his crew had flown over this stretch of water before and they settled into a calm. Pegasus was an older zeppelin but had been carefully maintained and upgraded by the engineer Jeffries. In the meantime, initial excitement of the race and San Francisco had worn off and it was replaced by the monotony of trans-ocean travel. Johnny and Lefty struggled to find entertainment and wandered down to the propulsion plant to look for diversion. It was a strange world inhabited by a strange man who seemed really to like his engines.

JD: Well Lefty, I’m getting pretty bored again. What should we do?

Lefty: We could go find Mr. Tarkington and ask him to tell us another story. He has lots of stories.

JD: He does have lots of stories, but I think he’s sleeping Lefty…..I know!! Lets go visit Mr. Jeffries in the engine room! Ive never been down there.

Lefty: It seems dangerous Johnny, isn’t it dark and scary?

JD: Just don’t touch anything Lefty, you know why.

L: I know, I know, I’m left-handed.

(Steps, machinery noises, reactor noise getting louder, wrench sound, door opens everything louder)

JD: Hello Jeffries!

J: Ello boys! What brings you down here?

JD: We’re bored.

J: Well you’ come to the raight plaice! Just stan in that corner there and don’t touch ANYTHIN!

JD: Umm ok.

(clanking noise)

Lefty: What does this do Jeffries?

J: That’s a wrench Lefty, put it down.

Lefty: What about this?

J: Thats the steam valve! Be careful!! Its hot!

JD: Is this a gun??

J: No that’s weldin’ torch. Put it down!!! Damnit lads, you don’t see me comin round to your rooms and touchin everything do ya?? “whats this? Whats this? What does this do?”

Lefty: Wait, wait, Jeffries. What DOES this do? Is this a reactor??

J: Haggis and scotch boy, that’s a coffee maker!!

Lefty: And what does it do?

J: It. Makes. Coffee.

L: Oh, well why didn’t you say that?

J: Lads I think its time you go, before I THROW YOU OFF THE ZEPPELIN!!

JD: Cmon Lefty, I guess we better go. I told you not to touch anything.

L: Oh gee Johnny, I was just curious.

JD: Yea, well remember what happened last time you were curious? at the museum?

L: (sigh) yeesss.

(Steps, door, engine room receeding)

Narrator: The Pegasus sped through the night. But as the zeppelin neared Hawaii a north Pacific storm had engulfed our heroes. The crew were shaken from their relaxation and ran to man their stations. Daedalus had seen many a storm in his day, but this was one of the worst. Johnny and Lefty ran to the bridge.

(Running, door slams, chatter on the bridge and stormy)

D: Maintain your heading there! We don’t want to miss the islands!!

MSC: Captain! Weve got several tears along the starboard side!! She’s taking a beating!

D: Understood. (over intercom) Jeffries, I need you on the bridge.

J: Aye aye capn!

(Major crash, sounds of equipment falling, Lefty shouts)

J: ello Captain. Bit of a tickle eh?

Tarkington: You could say that, it’s a real pacific tit teaser!!

D: Steady boys, gusts from the north. Stay on course!!

JD: Is the Pegasus going to make it?

J: She may be old, but she’s sassy!

T: Oh lord Jeffries. Must you?

J: You know it as much as anyone Tarkington.

D: Jeffries, I need every bit of juice we can get out of her! We gotta make Honolulu before this typhoon shreds us!

J: I think the old girl has a bit more milk for us!

T: Good god man!

D: Coyne! Go have a look at the aft damage.

T: You got it Daedalus.

JD: Captain what can I do?

D: Well you can go get Lefty out from behind that fallen radio for starters.

JD: Oh no! Lefty!

L: Im ok Johnny. Just move it so I can get out.

(Intercom Jeffries: Capn, I think I got us a few more knots!)

(Int D: Thank you jeffries.)

D: Ill take the helm now.

MSC: aye aye captain.

Wireless: This is Honolulu Zeppelin Port calling inbound zeppelin, identify yourself please.

D: (w) Hello Honolulu, this is Drake Daedalus with Pegasus. Request emergency approach clearance.

Wireless: Roger that, you are cleared. You better get that crate of yours on the deck, this typhoon is only getting worse!

D: (w) Yes, thank you Honolulu. (off air) Ya think? What does this look like? A summer drizzle?

JD: It looks like a typhoon to me!

(door slams)

FB: Daedalus!! Weve spotted Honolulu off the port side! I also think I saw Wotansraven (said very American) descending to starboard. I almost blew off their tail with the anti-aircraft guns, it was so tempting.

D: Thanks Flex, save the aggression for later though. You’ll get your chance.

FB: Your damn straight I will! That Hun baron is gonna pay for his meddling!

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