Thursday, February 18, 2010

A fresh start

Time to crank this out, eh chap?


1) Small talk on zeppelin

2) Pirates impose threateningly!

3) Zeppelin flees to Japanese airspace, "They wouldn't dare follow us there!"

4) Zeppelin enters Japanese airspace, Pirates grimace menacingly

5) Johnny Does the call in

"oooooh Johnny ThundaFace, boy adventurer, welcome to awe contwee"

Option 1 for scenes 6 to 10

6) Lets split up gang!
a) Lefty goes with Deadelus to see Meriweather on the tarmack:
a1) Greetings and references to the good old days
a2) Johnny's introductions and foreboding reference to the boy adventure casualties
a3) Situation in which Meriweather secretly lets on that he's not happy in the factory
a4) Meriweather gives lefty Pencil Sharpener/flare gun combo which Lefty loves (come up with a cool name?),
Meriweather admits how much he loves making gadgets for boy adventurers
a5) Meriweather: "Alright well lets put some new tallons this old bird"
b) Johnny, Flex, and Coyne head into town to find some information
b1) Find out that the firm has hired the sky pirates.
b3) Bettington makes an appearance
b2) They find out that the WotonsRaven is smooth sailing over the East Indies but is scheduled to have to make an unexpected stop in Nepal. (evil laugher)

Everyone races back to the Pegasus and they take off in a hurry

7) Intermission/Comercial

8) Discussion about where to go.

9) Meriweather shows up, alerts that the sky pirates are going to attack
9a) Scramble the biplanes! (flex, coyne) Merriweather mounts ship guns
9b) Derigibattle!

10) Falling action/ tying up loose ends

Conclusion: Way to complicated to pull off. We might need to scrap it and do something less complicated/more straightforward.

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